Here’s to new rituals

I spend quite a bit of time on this blog apologizing in some form or another for not posting to this blog. #facepalm Time just passes! It happens! Life goes on.

Lately, I’ve made some big changes in my life. I’ve started implementing new rituals to help make these changes and it’s crazy the way it’s been helping. I have a morning ritual that’s been helping me to get going in the mornings and it’s been amazing! I’m reading my scriptures more, remembering to say my morning prayers, and focusing on things I’m grateful for and what I’ve accomplished in my life – not too shabby, right?

Another change I’ve made is trying to make some small changes to my health. Well, let’s just classify them as just “changes” because honestly some days they feel HUGE. And other days don’t feel all that different from how things used to be. For starters, I’ve been exercising every day. Every. Single. Day. It’s a full-on commitment! I’m five weeks in now, no wait … almost six weeks? It’s a big change but honestly? It feels amazing.

I’ve also been making tweaks to what I’m eating. With my delightful, not-so-great history with food I wanted to make healthy, sustainable changes to how I was eating without setting myself off on another issue all over again. I’m focusing more on portion control and keeping things more organic, less gluten, everything in moderation, and above all else – in balance. Balance is something I’ve always strived to achieve but I’ve never actually been able to get there and maintain it. My husband and I still go out to dinner, we still have cake on birthdays, and treats now and then – sometimes I just enjoy! Shame free! Other time, I might sub out hamburger buns for lettuce at our favorite restaurant, and enjoy (guilt free!) my fries. There are so many options, but ultimately, it’s so important for me mentally to understand and process that one day isn’t going to change my entire existence if I don’t let it. We all have bad days, bad weeks, and so on! But it doesn’t define you. You get up, you exercise the next morning, life goes on and you define where it goes and how it gets there – without shame or guilt.

A few people were asking about my breakfast when I shared a photo on Facebook the other day, so I snapped some photos while I made it the next morning and figured I’d share! It’s SO easy and SO good.

I use the 21 Day Fix containers to portion out my meals. This morning I filled my veggie container about 1/3 of the way with mushrooms, grabbed two [backyard chickens!] eggs, and some organic virgin coconut oil to start.

I’ve since decided I need more mushrooms in my life and have upped the amount in my eggs. Plus I was running low, ha! I love mushrooms. (My dad is cringing.) One teaspoon of coconut oil, toss in your shrooms.

Spinach says hi! But it’s not his turn yet.

I like to crack my eggs into a bowl, add a second or two of water from under the faucet, and use a fork to beat them up before adding them to the pan when the mushrooms are ready. Also? That crazy bright egg yolk color? Backyard chickens, people. The difference is real. And they’re better for you!

After beating the eggs, pour them into the pan with your mushrooms and coconut oil.

While the eggs are cooking I squish a bunch of greens into my green container. I was attempting to fill this one up to 2/3 full since I’ve already got the mushrooms going on in the pan. Usually, I’ll measure them together and just set it aside. But lately I’ve bumped my one green container up to two containers with my breakfast, so I don’t have to bother. This is a mix of greens, spinach works great too. (More dad cringing.)

Plop your greens on top of your eggs.

Generally I attempt to sort of fold over my almost done eggs  to help wilt my spinach, this kind of failed here. Still works!

Then come the sweet potatoes! I prep mine all at once and just heat them up when I’m ready for breakfast.

Scoop, plate, and reheat while waiting for your eggs and greens to finish.

Once the greens have wilted down enough to your liking, your eggs are done!

Pull your sweet potatoes from the microwave. Steamy!

Dump your eggs, greens, and mushroom scramble on top of the hot sweet potatoes and you’re set!

Sit down, with your water, and enjoy!

Easy peasy.


Quick drop in to say hi. As was the case in February I am still in school. The finish line for this term is coming, I can almost taste it.

Birthdays in February were a success, including mine which hadn’t happened yet during my last post. I shared photos of gifts on Instagram and we ended up spending my birthday weekend in Lincoln City with my parents at their beach house there. It was  a nice break from our usual. LOTS of games from family and extended family, saw whales from the beach house (for the first time!), and Cameron made an apple pie for my “cake” – we get tired of cake, as you can imagine.

Things are going pretty well! It was a great February.

There are big things a-brewin’ in our future. BIG. I can feel it, and while some things are in my control and exciting, others are still developing and unknown. Life movement! More to come… if I survive finals!

The Birthday Month

Note: Yes, I’m still here! There’s sometimes so much I want to say, but I have a hard time pushing it down and out the ends of my fingers.  Sometimes I process out loud. But processing in writing tends to flick the switch on my editing mode. When something’s bothering me and I process it vocally, it just comes out and what’s said is said, you can’t go back and edit. But when I process on paper or on virtual paper, it’s all too easy to edit. So there’s a lot of second guessing my written stream-of-consciousness. (Yes, even that sentence!) In the end, the post is more organized than it started, and that’s okay, but it does significantly lengthen the process.

That being said, there isn’t something bothering me now, ha! RANDOM, what can I say? But! The thought does still apply to normal things like reporting current events, sharing photos, etc. It always feels like there’s a right way to do it, and my way just isn’t. One day.

Current events! February has hit us again and we’ve officially celebrated the first of four birthdays this month.

Our little family gatherings are almost always incredibly simple and low-key. Especially since most of my birthday resources go to kiddo parties. Or sorry – TWEEN and kiddo parties. You know, because Mom planning games and organized chaos at parties is just SO. NOT. COOL. But at the little family one on the night of your birthday? Mom reigns, child. Well, kinda.

Duncan chose Chicken Crescents for his birthday dinner, and Coffee Cake for his birthday cake. As much as I love to obsess over something not looking enough like a birthday cake, this was kind of a relief. This month I will make cakes/cupcakes/etc. SEVEN times. Literally. #momlife

This cake was a bit complicated as far as all the side things I needed to have ready. But the recipe was super easy to follow, and came together great. Will Bake For Books shared it on her blog and I found it there via Pinterest. I’ve never baked anything of her’s before, but I certainly will again! The cake was more complicated than your average cake when you know you’ve got six more cakes to go that month (i.e. BOX cake!) but considering how good it was, and how good it looked! It was amazing and so worth it! Even Charlie ate it. Check it out!

Next up is Rachael’s birthday party with friends, her birthday at home, her baptism, family visiting… I’ll just stop. It’s a long list and a busy month.

This is a shorter post but hopefully that means I’ll be back for more. Right?

Oh. Hey.

I didn’t see you there.

How are y– oh, right. You can’t — yeah.

Well. Better get back to homework. Nice seeing you.

(Psst… soon, my friends. Soon.)


October has been… an October.

In general, the month tends to be a little crazy for us. I always fight it and try and make October last longer as it is the month with my very favorite holiday. It never works and it always turns into costume creation procrastination! That should be a SAHM sport: Costume Creation Procrastination! Just look at her not pulling out that sewing machine!

I only fought it for so long and then Saturday morning I ran through everyone’s costumes to verify it was all ready. Because a certain mom might have been thinking Monday, Monday, Monday and we had a Trunk or Treat on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

But let’s back up to Friday because a certain large kitty is too cute to skip…

And then Saturday. I really wish there was a way to effectively photograph glitter. You should see the piles of glitter all over my office right now. CRAZY TUTU MAKING MASSACRE.

But it was worth it.

Monday evening meant Halloween and our traditional pumpkin pizza. Not “actual” pumpkin, just shaped like one. And this year – orange dough! We used to buy a pumpkin pizza each year from Papa Murphy’s but they quickly shrunk in size with each passing year and kept raising their price. Not to mention the line and waiting and then cooking – I opted out a few years ago and started making our own pumpkin pizza. I was massively thrilled with the shape, not too shabby if I do say so myself! Next year I’m going to try and remember to set aside some dough to dye green for a stem. That’s the only thing missing from ours! (Okay, let’s be honest, it’s also missing massive salami slices cut to real-life jack-o-lantern shapes. But we made do.)

Then we had “real” trick-or-treating on Monday. Check out Cam’s costume!

Happy Halloween!