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ETA: Oops! I just made it very clear that the example Project Life page I used was TOTALLY random from a quick Google search, ha! I gave credit to the wrong crafty lady! Looks like Jessica, from, had this posted on her blog as a guest post… oops! So Kayla Aimee, from, is actually the one who made the spread! She’s also doing her spread in a non-traditional way. (Though still super cute!) For a better representation of what I was trying to explain, see the side by side comparison further down. Sorry!❤


I’ve been Project Life-ing a TON this week. They recently had a sale (still going on for a little bit today!) where all in-app purchases were only $0.99! At first I was hesitant about the whole thing. Scrapbooking on my phone? How would I get my photos? How many in-app purchase would I have to make to make just one page?

This is Project Life:

Random adorable spread from random Google search. Credit to and

So, photos go into pockets and then cards go into the other pockets. There are filler cards, journaling cards, title cards, etc. You might remember this kind of scrapbooking from my video about our trip to California and our time spent at Legoland the Lego Chima Waterpark. Jessica, from, Kayla Aimee, from, uses a lot of super cute embellishments and totally makes it look different which I love… but I’m very much a noob and that’s another post!

So, Project Life: it’s pocket scrapbooking – things go into the pockets. Easy, quick, fulfilling, and oh-so-cute.

Now bare minimum, in order to do this, you need a book (or pages that will go into a larger book), photos, and cards. You could use scrapbook paper, cut and trimmed. I used paper as well in my completed book, but I also love the Project Life cards. (Some of the cards in the video in my Legoland album are We R Memory Keepers, they’re available at Walmart and fit almost perfect in the pockets and are interchangeable.)

A “kit” contains 4×3 cards and 4×6 cards:

Example of a “Core Kit”

The price of the kits varies depending on what you get, whether it’s a new or discontinued kit, etc. Kits are wonderful, I love having them to chose from, organizing by color, playing with them while scrapbooking, etc. But! While some cards are repeated in the kit (depending on what size kit you get) once the card is used – it’s used. That’s it. For some cards, you wouldn’t want to repeat them over and over, and I totally get that. But some cards are definitely made neutral and with a matchy, reusable type design and I might use them as a neutral filler or a favorite journaling card – BUT – eventually the repeats run out too.

Enter Project Life app. This app is SO fun. It’s just like Project Life that you put together on your desk or table, but app style! You can start out with a few selected kits for free and then when they had their sale – I went crazy! Even at their regular (inexpensive) price, these aren’t printed cards, people! They’re unlimited! *enter emoji with heart eyes* You order “kits” just like you do IRL but they’re digital. During the sale at just $0.99 per kit (ANY kit) it was an absolute steal!

You make your pages the same way you do with paper photos and cards. Select which photo you want to go in which spot. Done. There are different layout options and even background color options, though I’ve stuck with a simple white so far. If you’re iOS it uses Dropbox and your gallery to sort through for photos to scrap, and if you’re Android it uses your gallery and Google Photos. Just, love.

Once you’ve completed your page(s) you can print, slip into a non-pocket page (think page protector but 8×8 or 12×12 size) and you’re set! They look almost identical. Look! Click here to see them side by side! (These are Jennifer Johnson‘s pages. She was chosen for the Project Photo Rescue done by Becky and her team. DREAM! I guess that’s the disadvantage to being a little crazy about organization… you don’t win a chance for Becky to come help!)

Here are a few of the ones I’ve been working on:

Page for Charlie’s book

(star is just added for a cover-up)

Page for Liv’s book

I’ve been enjoying myself and my bazillion new “kits” on the app. I’m officially doing all my kids’ albums in the 8×8 size which is such a relief. I’ve always wanted to do scrapbooks for each child plus family and couple books, but was so overwhelmed by the task. Now having them all digital makes it so much more manageable. I’m not printing multiple copies of certain photos that I want each child to have, I’m just putting them in digitally!

This won’t be the last thing you’ll hear about Project life, that’s for sure. I’m almost done with Las Vegas and Mexico in our Anniversary Vacations album. Just in time for our cruise, ha! We have a specific Disney Creative Memories album that will house our Disney vacations – so Disneyland, from the same trip as Legoland, will go into my Creative Memories album like our wedding and honeymoon.

Embracing the crazy mess of differences and enjoy the evolution of my personal scrapbooking is what Project Life is all about. And I’m enjoying it.

Hair is coming.

This week has been a little chaotic already. Olivia went back to school on Monday – 7th grade! What? Crazy. She is a bouncy ball of attitude and personality which ends up driving me up the wall most days. Good thing I love her!

She has her own style and it’s fun to see the different outfits she puts together. Her aunt gave her an AMAZINGLY “so-Olivia” dress this last weekend and she wore it to church on Sunday. Combined with her new haircut, nude platform sandals, and a jacket – oh, child. I totally should have used the mom-card and insisted on a photoshoot…

First day:


This was the day she got it chopped, chopped like – a LOT, sitting with Rey. Who is this happy, friendly, tweenie creature?

(I’m pretty sure virtual llama farming makes them both very, very happy.)

The middle two kidlets don’t start school until Thursday. They’re SO ready to go back to school. Read, I’M so ready for them to go back to school and they’re the normal amount of excited.

This week I’ve been busy planning (at home and at school) for the library! It’s been chaotic all on its own to say the least. I haven’t been feeling 100% lately and it’s sort of trickling down into all my other endeavors. But! Things are on the up and up. I can do this!

Oops. Side tracked.

Back to the Library! Our space was basically cut in half. The library for my middle two kids’ school is in the Multipurpose Room at the school and in order to make better use of the space we had to switch some things around! The principal did a great job of doing everything (almost everything?) himself and after, I’m sure, a long summer – it’s done! The other co-librarian and I worked our tails off in there yesterday to get more books purged and weeded through, other books shelved, and retained our sanity! It did go fast though, Tawana is a rock star! I forgot to take picture but I’m headed back tomorrow morning and I will grab some then. It’s crazy the amount of books we’re weeding out of our system and how many more we have to go! Eesh! Happily, everything should be manageable by the time we leave on Wednesday. Just in time for the students to arrive on Thursday.

But the big excitement of this week, and the post’s namesake, HAIR IS COMING. It’s been so long since I last colored my hair and it so so so needs it. I’ve switched to having it cut with a razor, which is absolutely AMAZEBALLS. That plus my undercut, some substantial thinning, and my asymmetrical cut? It’s been amazing. This time around we’re weaving back to blond, adding some purple in a few spots, and just enjoying the fresh shave, fresh ends, and fresh color. I cannot even begin to tell you how this changes my entire outlook on life. When mom has a bad hair day? Watch out. When mom is having bad hair day after bad hair day after bad hair day? It generally means her hair has grown out (thicker) and down (awkwardly) and just needs a good thinning and chop. I am SO. READY. This week could use a harsh pick-me-up.

More back to school photos are on their way!

This girl. 

Eta: I wrote this earlier last week and never ended up publishing it. Whoops! 

This girl right here.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized she kinda looks like me. Just a little. I only catch it in glimpses, here and there. I’ve never understood how someone can look at me and then look at my oldest or my youngest (or the two in between) and be blown away at how much they look like me. How’s that possible when I don’t see it?

Then I catch a moment like this. On “film” nonetheless, right? PERMANENT PROOF. I’m in there somewhere.

During our last grocery shopping trip, Rachael came along to help. She picked caramels and some taffy from the bulk section – verrrry carefully, mind you, for her treat. I was a little worried but thought it couldn’t hurt. They’re not too sticky, right?


A certain someone popped out her filling when she tried to sneak a little second breakfast in the form of sweets. She put it in a baggie and brought it up to me, “Mom, what is this?” I was worried she had chewed too hard on one spot and had broken off a piece of her tooth. But Cam looked at it and said he thought it looked like a filling. 

So, off we went to the dentist – they got us in at noon and Rachael took it very seriously.

Cute outfit with matching flower clip? Check.

Little sister in tow so she could play with waiting room toys and then bask in the glory of an after-dentist, courtesy kids’ cookie from Roth’s? Check.

Tiny baggie with filling safely sealed inside? Check.

Total and complete confidence walking into the office? Check.

They didn’t end up fixing the filling that came out. It turns out her big-kid tooth is already pushing up against it so they think it’ll come out ahead of schedule anyway. They fixed up the side of the tooth next to it that was a little chipped (probably from accidentally chewing on a detached filling!) and sent her on her way. However, before she left, they gave her the typical warning of no crunchy food for the rest of the day and to remember to stay away from sticky things from now on. And in typical Rachael style she’s taking everything to heart. This is serious stuff now.

So far we’ve detected and survived the following:

  • Discussing who is going to get her leftover candy. She’s decided she’ll trade daddy for a different, non-crunchy, non-sticky treat. We’ve yet to decide what that is.
  • Guilt crying over eating a “crunchy” popsicle at a friend’s house. (Despite my explanation that her popsicle was probably not the crunchy the Dentist meant, just that it was frozen and semi-crunchy.)
  • Panicking during dinner, trying to decide what she’s going to eat for dessert because she only has her treats! (We settled on string cheese.)

She’s so sensitive and so feisty all wrapped into one. No wonder she struggles with anxiety at seven years old. 



On having older nerdlings.

It’s an interesting (and I guess obvious) realization that I tend to post about the younger two kids more than anyone else in the family. Believe me, it’s not that the older kids aren’t making their presence known, they definitely put in more than enough input on everything. EV-REE-THIIIING. But really, they tend to shrink away from photos, have much MUCH less interest in being presented in blog form on the internet, and generally would just like me and my camera to go away, thankyouverymuch.

Then there’s the aspect of not being around. By that, I mean that I’m not around as much. Sure, we’re all here together as a family day in and day out, but generally I don’t post photos of us sitting around, half-dressed, and bingeing on reruns of Pokémon. (Don’t judge.) Really, I mean those “picture” moments. We have a few here and there at home, but a good example of what I mean is Girls’ Camp. Liv was SO excited for camp this year. We got her registered, got her gear, packed her bags and she was off! But really, I wasn’t there to take any photos! The morning of her departure she was NOT interested in my camera, at ALL. This was the only shot I got to commemorate her entrance of Girls’ Camp as a First Year:

Not gonna lie, it kinda felt like a Mom-fail. But in those here’s-where-your-butt-sat-before-you-left-photo moments, I like to take a step back from the Mom-fail feeling and realize that sometimes, it’s okay to NOT force her to take a photo. Am I grateful that my mom forced me? Sure, I am. But sometimes it’s nice to just let her have her way, and get a photo of my empty front seat instead. This is kind of like a kinder, gentler version of the photo with a screaming child on Santa’s lap.

Not to mention, what am I teaching her if I force her to take a photo? Part of her current cell phone contract that she had to sign stated that she was not allowed, under any circumstances, to take someone’s picture without their permission first. And certainly not to post it on the internet without their knowledge. So maybe, this is a Mom-PASS?!

Anyway, my SQUAD (that’s for you, Liv) came through and I got photos of her ANYWAY! And she always smiles better for other people. Why do kids do that? Excuse the silly faces, I haven’t asked the other campers’ parents for permission so they’re… masked.🙂 Yet again, another reason photos of older kids is hard.

See what I mean? Awkward.

But here’s a gem:

She did the zipline twice and LOVED it. She said at first she was really scared but then it was just fun. Brave girl!

Anyway – those old farts… they’re still here! They’re still loud and obnoxious outspoken and quirky! And we love ’em. Even when they’re weird. (Especially when they’re weird?) Which is often.

Like this:

That is one giant anthropomorphized unicorn. Eesh.

Monday, Monday…

Today, Monday was a Monday. When a week starts off with a dentist appointment, how could it be anything but a Monday? The appointment was for Charlie, at least. But it was another slow day. Charlie got to get a free cookie at Roth’s (practically next door to her new Dentist’s office) and I got a little on-the-side grocery shopping done. We made it home barely in time to catch Cameron before he headed back to the office after lunch.

In the spirit of a random, discombobulated blog post, here are some photos of Charlie before her appointment:

And, by the way, do you follow me on Instagram? (That’s a link!) If you don’t – you missed the girls in these ADORABLE dresses. Seriously. You missed out. Here’s an ADORABLE animation. Two, actually. Life gave us lemons and these sweet stinkers put them to good use!❤







Right?! Told you so.