This girl. 

Eta: I wrote this earlier last week and never ended up publishing it. Whoops! 

This girl right here.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized she kinda looks like me. Just a little. I only catch it in glimpses, here and there. I’ve never understood how someone can look at me and then look at my oldest or my youngest (or the two in between) and be blown away at how much they look like me. How’s that possible when I don’t see it?

Then I catch a moment like this. On “film” nonetheless, right? PERMANENT PROOF. I’m in there somewhere.

During our last grocery shopping trip, Rachael came along to help. She picked caramels and some taffy from the bulk section – verrrry carefully, mind you, for her treat. I was a little worried but thought it couldn’t hurt. They’re not too sticky, right?


A certain someone popped out her filling when she tried to sneak a little second breakfast in the form of sweets. She put it in a baggie and brought it up to me, “Mom, what is this?” I was worried she had chewed too hard on one spot and had broken off a piece of her tooth. But Cam looked at it and said he thought it looked like a filling. 

So, off we went to the dentist – they got us in at noon and Rachael took it very seriously.

Cute outfit with matching flower clip? Check.

Little sister in tow so she could play with waiting room toys and then bask in the glory of an after-dentist, courtesy kids’ cookie from Roth’s? Check.

Tiny baggie with filling safely sealed inside? Check.

Total and complete confidence walking into the office? Check.

They didn’t end up fixing the filling that came out. It turns out her big-kid tooth is already pushing up against it so they think it’ll come out ahead of schedule anyway. They fixed up the side of the tooth next to it that was a little chipped (probably from accidentally chewing on a detached filling!) and sent her on her way. However, before she left, they gave her the typical warning of no crunchy food for the rest of the day and to remember to stay away from sticky things from now on. And in typical Rachael style she’s taking everything to heart. This is serious stuff now.

So far we’ve detected and survived the following:

  • Discussing who is going to get her leftover candy. She’s decided she’ll trade daddy for a different, non-crunchy, non-sticky treat. We’ve yet to decide what that is.
  • Guilt crying over eating a “crunchy” popsicle at a friend’s house. (Despite my explanation that her popsicle was probably not the crunchy the Dentist meant, just that it was frozen and semi-crunchy.)
  • Panicking during dinner, trying to decide what she’s going to eat for dessert because she only has her treats! (We settled on string cheese.)

She’s so sensitive and so feisty all wrapped into one. No wonder she struggles with anxiety at seven years old. 



On having older nerdlings.

It’s an interesting (and I guess obvious) realization that I tend to post about the younger two kids more than anyone else in the family. Believe me, it’s not that the older kids aren’t making their presence known, they definitely put in more than enough input on everything. EV-REE-THIIIING. But really, they tend to shrink away from photos, have much MUCH less interest in being presented in blog form on the internet, and generally would just like me and my camera to go away, thankyouverymuch.

Then there’s the aspect of not being around. By that, I mean that I’m not around as much. Sure, we’re all here together as a family day in and day out, but generally I don’t post photos of us sitting around, half-dressed, and bingeing on reruns of Pokémon. (Don’t judge.) Really, I mean those “picture” moments. We have a few here and there at home, but a good example of what I mean is Girls’ Camp. Liv was SO excited for camp this year. We got her registered, got her gear, packed her bags and she was off! But really, I wasn’t there to take any photos! The morning of her departure she was NOT interested in my camera, at ALL. This was the only shot I got to commemorate her entrance of Girls’ Camp as a First Year:

Not gonna lie, it kinda felt like a Mom-fail. But in those here’s-where-your-butt-sat-before-you-left-photo moments, I like to take a step back from the Mom-fail feeling and realize that sometimes, it’s okay to NOT force her to take a photo. Am I grateful that my mom forced me? Sure, I am. But sometimes it’s nice to just let her have her way, and get a photo of my empty front seat instead. This is kind of like a kinder, gentler version of the photo with a screaming child on Santa’s lap.

Not to mention, what am I teaching her if I force her to take a photo? Part of her current cell phone contract that she had to sign stated that she was not allowed, under any circumstances, to take someone’s picture without their permission first. And certainly not to post it on the internet without their knowledge. So maybe, this is a Mom-PASS?!

Anyway, my SQUAD (that’s for you, Liv) came through and I got photos of her ANYWAY! And she always smiles better for other people. Why do kids do that? Excuse the silly faces, I haven’t asked the other campers’ parents for permission so they’re… masked.🙂 Yet again, another reason photos of older kids is hard.

See what I mean? Awkward.

But here’s a gem:

She did the zipline twice and LOVED it. She said at first she was really scared but then it was just fun. Brave girl!

Anyway – those old farts… they’re still here! They’re still loud and obnoxious outspoken and quirky! And we love ’em. Even when they’re weird. (Especially when they’re weird?) Which is often.

Like this:

That is one giant anthropomorphized unicorn. Eesh.

Monday, Monday…

Today, Monday was a Monday. When a week starts off with a dentist appointment, how could it be anything but a Monday? The appointment was for Charlie, at least. But it was another slow day. Charlie got to get a free cookie at Roth’s (practically next door to her new Dentist’s office) and I got a little on-the-side grocery shopping done. We made it home barely in time to catch Cameron before he headed back to the office after lunch.

In the spirit of a random, discombobulated blog post, here are some photos of Charlie before her appointment:

And, by the way, do you follow me on Instagram? (That’s a link!) If you don’t – you missed the girls in these ADORABLE dresses. Seriously. You missed out. Here’s an ADORABLE animation. Two, actually. Life gave us lemons and these sweet stinkers put them to good use!❤







Right?! Told you so.


Lately, we’ve been finding new ways to enjoy our library. Last year, while the kids were in school, Charlie was in Preschool! It was a pinch early for almost all the kids in the co-op (most were turning four) but it was a good way to get her to go hang out with other kids, color some alphabet sheets, power through crafts, etc. Things she doesn’t get to do when Mom feels lazy, ha.

When the co-op ended, I started thinking about what I wanted to do for Charlie’s last year at home. She’ll be in Kindergarten Fall of 2017. (Same time I will be back in school too!) Preschool prices are RIDICULOUS, thus our love of the co-op. But, as we know, I’m an over-doer! In an effort to slow down this next school year for both our family and for myself, I’m going to keep her home and add in a few outside activities.

In preparation for next year’s “preschool” activities, we’ve spent a lot of time at the library during the week for Storytime! I honestly was worried the girls wouldn’t engage and that it wouldn’t be enough to keep them interested. It was preschool age aimed with family/siblings welcome and encouraged, but that didn’t say much. Surprisingly, the girls love it! Rachael won’t get a name tag, she’s too “old” and just wants to be classified as a visitor with Charlie, but she does the songs, listens to the stories, and LOVES the crafts.

Charlie took a little more time to get into it. For one, she was incredibly nervous. The children’s librarian that she’s mumbled to a few dozen times to get games, trade for puzzles, thank, etc. is the one doing the reading and running the program and he’s great. But, Charlie’s just extremely shy when she first starts something. Today she warmed up enough that she was looking at the book he was reading to the group while hanging on his foot. From deathly shy to wiggling her way into people’s personal space bubbles! Go go four-year-old! Le sigh. Needless to say, it’s become her favorite thing to ask about during the week. “Is it time to go see the boy?” (Librarian Mike), “Is today storytime with Libarymike reading again?”, “What day is it? Do we do a craft now?”, etc.

Now for photos!

Won’t even sit on the rug without holding my hand. One day I’ll look back and miss this. One day.

Rey loves being read to.

Making paper fans!

Charlie was DETERMINED to make her OWN flower. She did great, independent stinker.

Rey in her element.

Ahh! Both ON the rug! Progress!


Charlie’s Turtle

Final vote? We love Storytime!

Baby word counts.

This last week was busy. Well, “busy”. Sometimes I feel like we’re busy doing just normal, everyday type things at home. It just doesn’t feel like real life busy. Some days it even feels lazy – who would feel good about spending an entire day cleaning someone else’s bedroom? Or washing, drying, and folding 35 fleece blankets? Ugh. There’s definitely progress going on getting those things done, but it doesn’t always feel like moving mountains and winning awards. At least, for normal people? Maybe I’m not giving you guys enough credit. I know I [sometimes] like adulting and enjoy the mundane awards for folding linens and organizing my girls’ Barbies from Shopkins. Maybe you do too?

Then there are other weeks where we’re literally calendar busy with multiple appointments throughout the week plus Storytime at the library, Concerts in the Park on Tuesday evenings, Mutual (for Liv) on Wednesdays, maybe a date night that weekend, etc. This last week was the former. We had a few obligations but it wasn’t crazy town. Duncan was gone for most of the week with my sister, Olivia was gone through Wednesday with my parents. So we were away from our normal way of doing things. Disruption throws a wrench in the works.

I also took the week off last week! I didn’t do any writing. Which was weird. I thought it would be a nice break. It was a break more for pain from being at the computer so much  combined with sleep issues. (Our mattress is terrible. I would say that’s another story but that would hint that there’s a large story behind it and there really isn’t. It’s 9 years old, the time has come. We found a new one, ordered it, the end. Hurry up Friday delivery!) Instead, I missed the writing! It made it only an okay-break. But, after some creative sleeping positions, my back/shoulders/neck/etc. did improve. I now sleep like a pregnant woman, pillows stuffed everywhere. Don’t judge! I also propped one of my monitors up on a couple of reams of printer paper, raised my chair, tightened the lean-back tension and then leveled my Hunter, woot! Up to Level 44! and that is helping.

This morning I was back at it! I woke up early without my alarm, so I figured, why not? My word count was low overall, but I did get a lot pushed around on Scrivener and set it up how I want it. For now. I’m only using  Scrivener on a Trial Basis. I may honestly just set up some folders on my Google Drive and make my own version. We’ll see. Right now I need to just focus on writewritewrite! Not analyze, correct, edit, organize, and so forth. While I’m not a big planner before I write, sometimes I do get caught up doing some of that during the writing process. Nothing is good enough, it needs to be perfect! Not a great mantra when you’re just trying to brain dump your ideas and record a rough draft. In school I was the one with the typed rough draft. Or the fewest red marks after self-editing… because I had already stressed over it and took the time to comb through the entire document looking for errors before I brought it in. Oops! Learn to just write and embrace the red pen later! I’m working on that one.

You’ll hear more from me this week, hopefully! I’m focusing on getting more writing done versus the organizational stuff I’ve gotten tied up in lately. Baby steps! Or maybe baby word counts? One word at a time!