Cameron’s BYU apron

Cameron’s BYU apron

Cameron wanted an apron after I finished the aprons for Danine (his mom), Livy, and Kyla (his niece) for Christmas. So we down to the Jordan Landing Walmart and this is what he picked.

The next day, while he was at work, I whipped this up…

He’s so proud of it. Loves it. And I am too! We used two yards and it was interesting drafting a pattern for a man who’s 5’10” versus me, a woman who’s 5’2″… LOL, it was quite a difference. But I altered and messed around with my normal melissa-made apron pattern to make it more manly – it all worked out.

A shot of the pocket. Since the print was so busy I decided to match it right on and it worked perfectly. I doubled the top stitching to add a bit more to it. I’ll definitely be making more of these. 😀 He needs a print with veggies and knives on a cutting board or something. Because -duh- he’s my chopper when we cook together.

This bib was made with the remainder of the yardage. We used almost the full two yards for length – makes me feel REALLY short – but there was enough for a matching bib for Duncan.

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