Kyla & Livy’s aprons

Kyla & Livy’s aprons

I pieced these together from some gingerbread fabric I had in my stash. The panel is a “Grandma’s Gingerbread” recipe panel, super cute. The girls are about a week apart and became buds as soon as they met. We can’t wait to move closer to everyone!

Of course – there always has to be some factor in child photos. This time we had quite a few – the lighting was great but we were sitting on the wrong side of it all, so the photos are massively washed out, but still cute. The aprons were pretty quick to make since they were so tiny but piecing everything together took a few minutes to figure out.

Silly Kyla had her fingers in her mouth [honestly, I’m amazed Liv didn’t have hers in her own, as well] and Liv just kept giving me this deer in the headlights stare. That’s what you get for putting aprons on two 2-year-olds in a room of 20 people and telling them to put their arms around eachother… and POSE. Ha, yeah right, Mom.

I made Kyla’s a pinch longer, as she’s a pinch taller than Liv. This is about as close of shot as I got that shows the pleats up front and cute little body shots of the two of them. But of course – they’re expressions [giggle] are just hilarious. Oh well, they’re still cute.

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