our first IKEA trip

our first IKEA trip

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth…
well, let me tell you – IKEA comes pretty darn tootin’ close!
Here’s our “bed” model, Olivia,
modeling an adorable brown and white polka dot duvet set.
Getting cozy, haha.

This duvet set both Cameron and I really liked.
It’s a queen duvet, comes with two pillow cases that match –
…unbelievable. And SO cute.
Liv in the kids’ entrance to the KID section.
CUTE number duvets for kids.
Adorable fairytale duvet set
(Liv named it “Cinderella’s beautiful kingdom castle bed”.)
A HUGE turtle on one of the kid tables,
Liv was digging this section, as you can tell.
Blowing Momma kisses.

Daddy and Duncan – note the “MORE” screech with arms in the air.
Nice “model of the year” Zoolander pose there, Daddy.
Duncan with his two finished plates of macaroni – it was PILED on there
and he horked it all down. Oinker.We had dinner while we were at IKEA – it was a GREAT deal. We got food for all of us for $12.00! And it was fantastic food. The kids each got macaroni ($0.99 each) and Duncan ended up eating both of them, lol. Liv shared fries, after eating a little of her macaroni, from our food. Cameron got chicken fingers with fries ($5.99) and I got a chicken caesar salad ($4.50) and we split each with each other. It was crazy how much food they give you! We were all full when we left.

I’m excited to go and try their breakfast – yummy – it’s a whole plate of breakfast food: eggs, french toast sticks, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns – all for $1.99.

All in all we had a GREAT time! We’ll definitely go back.

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