The kids’ new room!

The kids’ new room!

We’ve been unpacked for a week now and it’s SO nice. 🙂 But Liv and I (aka ME) just finished organizing her room together. The only thing left is to label her shelves. Eventually, Duncan will be on the lower bed and Liv on the top, we’re just waiting on the side guards so we don’t have any middle-of-the-night rolling incidents. So for now, Liv’s on the bottom and D’s in his playpen.

Livy on her bed. 🙂

Liv’s dollys.

Showing one off. 😛

The shelves (for now). 🙂

Changing table… exciting. 🙂

Erm… excuse the rabid squirrel look on her face… scary.

A little bit more of a “room” view.
The house outside is not the most pleasant view,
but look past it and we’ve got a desert scape on the right
and TREES on the left. 🙂
A little bit of home, right out the window.

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