disneyMOON <3

disneyMOON <3

Downtown Disney
LEGO store

Rainforest Cafe

Outside California Adventure

Disneyland Day #1

[character sighting]
Jessie, me, Cam, and Woody

Driving through Autopia

The “been there, done that” shot

California Adventure Day #2
Grizzly River Run
(unfortunately you can’t see how soaked we were…)

One of my favs

Outside of Monsters, Inc.

Tower of Terror
(No, we didn’t go. I was too chicken.)

Disneyland Day #2
It’s a Small World


[character sighting]
Me, Goofy, and Cam

[character sighting]
Me, Minnie, and Cam

In Minnie Mouse’s house ❤

In Mickey Mouse’s house

[character sighting]
Cam, Mickey, and me

a goofy scarecrow

[character sighting]
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), me, Cam, and Mulan

[character sighting]
Snow White, me, and Cam

[character sighting]
Cam, Pocahontas, and me

[character sighting]
Mary Poppins, me, and Dick Van Dyke? [haha]

On our third ride through Indiana Jones we got stuck –
right as the ball is supposed to roll onto us,
so we had this HUGE ball above us rolling, it was awful, lol –
and one of our neighbors on the ride took this shot.

@ Denny’s for Dinner
We raced to see who could finish and,
believe or not, I beat Cam by a few bites.
I don’t think I have ever eaten that much food.
MAN – I thought I was going to explode for the rest of the night.

Disneyland Day #3
Our last Mickey Garden photo

Castle lit up at night – good shot, huh?

Cammie being silly while waiting for the
Disneyland Railroad

We got to go home to our babies!
Here’s Liv in her new Minnie ears with her Nemo pamphlet


With his Mickey ears and new Mickey

Goofball, as usual.

The End

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