Elastic on the brain.

Elastic on the brain.

There’s a particular bloggish mood stomping around in my head today. Maybe it’s me anxiously awaiting Duncan’s nap. I really only get relief exactly two minutes after every hour that he’s awake, by my computer’s time that is. The cuckoo clock in our hallway seems to be about two minutes behind all of our other clocks and every time it goes off, and I mean EVERY time, both children run anxiously out of the room, panting and tripping over each other to see the bird. My favorite part of the day, is at 1 o’clock. *evil snicker*

I’ve been whining to myself about not completing some projects I’ve started. I really should get on it but I just can’t wrap my courage around my brain enough to venture out. I cut this pattern out of beautiful dyed fabric for an Ottobre top for Olivia. It’s a batik style fabric and I plan to use it for myself depending on how well it comes together for Liv’s top.

So here’s a photo of it on the model (which oddly enough looks like my nephew’s non-existent twin sister…). Looks easy enough, right? But so wrong. In order to make the shirt you need to use an elastic bobbin. Now… I’m not saying elastic is evil… but oh my. Elastic bobbin sounds terrifying! I once used Lastin on a skirt I made for myself months ago… let’s just say I ended up gathering the skirt tiers by hand, and we just don’t speak the “L” word anymore.

So, anyway, I really do need to just get over myself and follow the directions and do it. I’ve got like 3 yards of this fabric and sitting on it won’t do me any good. 😛 I’ll just have to get over myself and do it.

So, since recently FINALLY getting married, our biggest tackle and one of hubby’s larger stresses is the moving in process. I believe, I hope, that we are entirely done with the literal “moving” process from Mom’s house to our house – BUT, it’s the unpacking that’s been stressing us. We were hoping originally to move into a place with a garage but they were lame and it fell through (lol, do you like my reasoning? :-D) so we moved in here. It’s a beautiful apartment and very spacious with a huge master closet. Very nice, maintenance annoying, but very nice. 🙂 We even have our own office with the kids together in a bedroom – but everything filled up so quickly! He has tools (we originally were going to set up a shop in part of the garage) that fill the office closets and now we’re desperate for places to put things. Mostly, keepsakes and such that we don’t want to get rid of but don’t necessarily “use” on a daily basis.

That’s my main challenge for today and possibly this weekend, along with calling CHIP and Meadow Creek to yell at them, to find places for all of our odds and ends. I think with my Dad’s genetic Tetris skills and my Mom’s use or loose it mind (only on my things, not hubby’s) I may be able to get it to work.

Wish me luck – D is down, Liv is watching “Bella Dancerella” (thank you, Gma Tanya!) and I’ve got to get on this before D is up yet again… 😛


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