Christmas Trimmings All Year Long

Christmas Trimmings All Year Long

So, for Christmas – my biggest and best gift this year was my Cuttlebug! I LOVE it. It was brought so much fun and creativity with it, I just can’t believe it. 🙂 I even joined a free class put on by called Get a LOAD of this! LOAD = LayOut A Day, meaning one page a day. The class is from Jan 1st to Jan 31st and so far it’s been a lot of fun. I did one layout for the 1st and then 2 layouts plus an unfinished yesterday!

Here they are:

All were done with my new paper as well. 🙂 New paper for Christmas too and then Hubbs bought me a date stamp, pen, stamp pad, and refills for my adhesive. Such a wonderful Hubbs I have. 🙂

One of those I fixed the date on and centered it, it was bugging me, lol. But how fun is this? A new toy and getting to go through old photos… I’m having so much fun with it. 🙂 It’s actually helping me go through my photos a lot faster, both the bug and the class, sort of a motivator. I’ll let you know if I win anything. 🙂

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