BUSY week.

BUSY week.

I may end up doing some of my scrapbooking on just two days this week and then posting for each day. We’re leaving on Friday for Portland to see my parents and grandparents. I miss them all so much. Being this far away makes you realize how weird it is suddenly NOT being so close.

I’ve been posting my layouts as I’ve done them and I guess I’ll just do my best to stay on top. Today I’ve got to do 3 as I’m behind. šŸ˜› I won’t be eligible for Lain’s challenge on my scrapbook class but I still want to finish with the right number of layouts. šŸ™‚

Technically, I’ve done extra but I’ll just build off of that as if I haven’t. I’m sure I can manage at least 2 before Cameron gets home. He’ll probably tell me to scrapbook so that he can use this computer, lol. It’s silly but still, it’s nice just being able to sit in the same room sometimes. When I was working, I had to have just absolute silence at times but my Hubbs is always eager to tell me about his day, what he’s reading on Consumerists (his favorite site), or asks me questions – and while scrapping I can answer and work at the same time, lol. šŸ™‚

So, off to pick some photos at least. Shouldn’t be too hard.

BTW, things may get really crazy and posts may go way down. We still are having mold problems and the complex is STILL denying it’s a health risk and have NOT cleaned it up. Hopefully, they’ll accept our letter for dissolution of lease and let us leave with our deposit. If so, I’m going to be VERY busy. Pray for us and wish us luck – whichever suits you better I suppose, because we really need to get out of this place. šŸ˜¦


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