Blog Challenge #2

Blog Challenge #2

Focus on JUST the first half hour of your waking day. Write a blog entry describing it in depth. Include details such as what time you wake up and what your mood is generally. Are you usually well rested? Do you use an alarm clock to wake? If so, is it set to music or buzzing? Use lots of descriptive words!

The first half hour of my waking day…

We get up at 5:45, my husband has his alarm set on his cell phone which he, inevitably, NEVER hears. I have to physically shake him every morning to turn it off because my arms aren’t long enough to reach over him to grab the phone. He has it set to the Beatles “Twist and Shout”. I think he did it for me but as I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the song – it’s no gentle croon. Doesn’t really startle me though since it also vibrates and the first vibrate on our nightstand I hear. I’m awake in the milliseconds before the song actually starts.

So the alarm goes off at 5:45, I shake hubby to wake him, he wakes with a jolt as usual. (Literally, I feel awful but there is NO WAY to wake him nicely. I could kiss him awake, tickle him, blow on him, softly say his name – regardless. He jumps 10 feet no matter what I do.) I’m generally in normal/good mood. Just extremely tired as of late. He goes off to the shower while I… erm… shhh! I’m totally going to get busted for this. I lay in bed until he grabs his undies and shuts the bathroom door and then I go back to sleep! I’m so bad… he hates that I sleep while he’s up, says he’s tired too.

Anywho, most mornings I listen while I’m sleeping, good Mom quality there, and when he turns off the shower I jump out of bed and pull the blankets up. I’ll grab my sweats or pj pants and sweatshirt from the ground (too hot to sleep in, too cold to walk around without) and I’ll turn on a light. By the time he comes out, I’m making his side of the bed.

Now, if I don’t wake up, he’s learned to not say he’s ticked off – that starts an unneeded battle (I mean REALLY, why do *I* have to be up before him? I’m up with the kids ALL night. Last night for like an HOUR). Instead, he just wakes me up not nicely, lol. AKA, flips on the overhead light, LOL.

Okay, so go back to the other paragraph, I’m now waking at like 6:10am (because I’ve gone back to sleep, LOL) so I pull on my clothes, make the bed, grab a vitamin and head for the kitchen. I make his breakfast and lunch, usually depends on the day as to what he gets. Yesterday for instance, he had bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Leftover Spaghetti and rolls for lunch. Today, he had apple brownies for breakfast (YUM!) and leftover Chicken Crescents, rice with gravy, and an apple brownie for lunch. 🙂 I set the table for one, put his breakfast there and gather up the tupperware-d and baggie-d food into a Macey’s or Walmart grocery sack.

He comes out shortly after, all fresh and clean, smells like toothpaste and bar soap. Honestly, it reminds me of my Dad. Bare with me while I get distracted… when I was growing up, after my parents were divorced, my Dad had us as a single Dad. Our arrangement was weird – Dad left for work @ 7am, my Mom would come over @ 7am and get us off to school and take the little ones home with her. So, anyway, we would read scriptures in the morning – we’re LDS. So 6:30 in the morning we’d all go downstairs to the living room and read scriptures together. Dad will be putting on socks and shoes, sort of the finishing touches as we’re all reading aloud together. And he ALWAYS smelled like toothpaste and bar soap. 🙂 Just a little Melissa history, lol.

Back on track – okay. So Hubbs comes out, thanks me for breakfast, sits down and eats as I’m bagging his lunch. I come and sit on the other side of him while he finishes. We chitchat. He’s super loud, I probably shush him once or twice, lovingly of course. 😛 It’s about 6:25. He finishes his breakfast, puts the dishes in the sink – oddly enough, he ALWAYS takes everything but his cup the first time. Then he’ll come back and take his cup.

He sits down and puts his socks on, grabs his coat from the hook, puts that on. He grabs his lunch and goes to the door to put his shoes on. (We have a little tiny front landing of “hard floor” as the kids call it and since it’s snowy here in Utah, shoes are not allowed on the carpet and we always put them on while standing on the front landing.) I kiss him goodbye, tell him I love him, and ask him to take the garbage on his way (LOL, he’s so nice) and we both tug/push on the door to close it behind him. Our house has just “shifted”… yeeeeah. I’m suuuure. When my husband can hardly close it without a fight… pretty sure it’s a little PAST shifted, lol. Dumb apartments.

He goes down the stairs and then I can’t hear anything but his car unlocking, it makes the alarm de-arming noise, the beep beep type deal. I turn off all the lights, flip on the hall light, grab my glasses from the bedroom, turn off the hall light, turn on the office light and push the power on the computer.

In the mornings it’s mostly an answer-email, finish-posts, check blogs and forums, etc. time for me. The kids don’t get up until 7:30 – ooooh they’re sleeping in today! It’s 8:00am!

Today is a little different as my Sudoku board has been distracting me. 🙂

So yeah… detailed enough? 🙂

Liv just woke up and had me come in the room. This was her “dream”:

“I was looking at that picture and it fell down and I was looking at it verrrrry closely. And I saw two cousins jump in the water with a car.”

Oh my.

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge #2

  1. LOL! Absolutely LOVE your entry, and I’m totally cracking up that you go BACK TO BED! Do you really think he does not know this? Too funny! ROFL

  2. Bahaha, I don’t know! He probably does, LOL. We just don’t really talk about it. I think as long as I get his lunch ready to go out the door in time, he’s good. LOL 🙂 I know, I’m a nut.

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