Blog Challenge #3

Blog Challenge #3

Rant and rave! What holiday drives you nuts? Think of a holiday people fuss over. Write about loving and/or disliking that holiday.

Well there isn’t a holiday I dislike per se, just how some people perform their pre-holiday//post-holiday duties. For example: Christmas.

I LOVE Christmas. What I don’t love is that before I buy my turkey and potatoes for the big Thursday in November, I’m face to face with Santa signs, presents on end-caps, and sleighs in the parking lot. It does not go from Halloween to Christmas, one of the most looked over holidays is one we should be paying attention to. Thanksgiving is a time to – imagine that – give THANKS. Yet, we are so hasty and spoiled in our retail and grocery outlets and circles that before one holiday has even started we’re almost DONE selling our items for the one to come next.

And oh my Susan B. Anthony – do not EVEN get me started on lights, decorations, and trees! People put them up SO early it’s just ridiculous! They should NOT go up a day before Thanksgiving. We’re missing the purpose at that point. I have no problem with the day after, that’s fine. And really unless you have dire circumstances at place – for the love of all that is holy TAKE THEM DOWN when it’s time! They should not be up NOW! They should not be up in March! It is not an excuse to have them up before Thanksgiving simply because they were already up!

Yikes. Little excited, lol. All in all, Christmas is wonderful, but please – keep with the Christmas etiquette. And if you’re part of a radio station – pass the message along to your coworkers who seem to think it’s okay to make people want to tear their ears off by playing “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” on November 1st.

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