Hair cut… need opinions…

Hair cut… need opinions…

Getting my hair cut and styled for Mother’s Day… I’m thinking this look. Any thoughts?

I’m about this length now, M.M. has a round face like me, and my hair color’s a little lighter.

It would basically end up being a trim, layers, maybe some more “fringe” as the kids call it these days (i.e. bangs). Whhheeeelll? Likey? No likey?


One thought on “Hair cut… need opinions…

  1. Mel-I think it would work, just leave your bangs longer, and keep the layers in front longer too–it also might be fun to have it shorter in back…kind of changes the whole idea though…hmm…maybe I’m not much help and don’t have a good picture of what I mean to show you, but longer layers are always easier to grow out and pull back, just in case…but I ALWAYS think a haircut is a great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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