Park trips!

Park trips!

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately, of course since Brandon and Jessica moved in! Well, okay, in sounds like into our house! The buildings in our complex are by number, we’re in #9C and they’re in #10C. So super close and fun for the kids to have someone to play with.

Last week we went to the library with them and the kids got to play in the “Kids’ Korner” (Yes, with the annoying K, can we not spell Corner? We were at a LIBRARY after all…) and they had a great time. Friday we went to the park down in the neighborhood behind the complex, and then again yesterday after we had dinner.

I, of course, have forgotten my camera every time. But I do have some photos of Duncan from the last time that just the kids and I went.

Cameron’s birthday present arrives today… his new 42″ TV. What a nice wifey I am. 🙂 He’s very excited for it and hoping that they will actually deliver today like they’re supposed to. We, just this past Saturday, also bought a new TV stand so the TV could fit on top of it, LOL. It looks really good with the new furniture, now we just need to get the coffee table and end tables that go with it. My hand-me-down chest is just not cutting it, especially color wise. We’ll miss the storage but the room will look so much better with the matching tables.

I’m also doing a new arrangement on the wall behind the TV since I had to move my bookshelves to make room for the new stand and width of television. I’m excited for the outcome, and once everything is put together and hung I will post photos. 🙂

I finally finished my Honeymoon album, aka our Disneymoon, YAY! I will be bringing it to Oregon for Thanksgiving so that family and friends will be able to see all the fun we had in Anaheim back in August. I’ve very slowly and reluctantly begun to put our Wedding Album together but for some reason it’s so much harder her me to do then the Disney one was. My goal is to have that finished for the November trip so that those who couldn’t be at the wedding can see the photos finished and in their book. 🙂

I’ve got chores still to do, laundry too ooh fun, and a scrapbook page that’s calling my name. But hopefully… it’ll be sooner rather than later that I post again.

Now stop reading and go do your own laundry. 😉

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