Cameron’s birthday!

Cameron’s birthday!

Cameron’s birthday was on Sunday! We had a lot of fun together after church and dinner which included opening cards (his gift was the HUGE TV gracing our family room and a 3-movie DVD set which he opened during the kids quiet time, LOL. I guess he couldn’t wait, oh well.) and of course, CAKE and icecream!

This year, I think possibly last year as well, I made him my Gma Cole’s recipe for Sleuth Cake, YUM! I’ll have to do a recipe of that on my cooking blog. It’s fun to make because it’s so different and SO much more satisfying that a simple box cake. And YUMMMMO is it GOOD!

Cam didn’t want to waste 23 candles so he said to do a “2 and a 3”. Well, I misunderstood and wrote “23” with the candles and got to use 23 anyway, haha. 🙂 Good thing he loves me, cause I’m a nut. 😉

I picked out his orange Aero shirt, it’s a GREAT color on him. 🙂 So handsome. He got the shirts (a navy blue one as well, both from Aeropostale) using his birthday money from his parents. Pretty good lookin’ present on him, wouldn’t you say? I love my handsome hubby. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the only photos I got to take of the event… lol. 🙂

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