still not quite there…

still not quite there…

For some reason I’m still not satisfied. I’ve posted twice this morning, the last right before this one and I just feel like I haven’t done much. Of course, journaling wise I haven’t.

This week has been a weird one. Literally that would explain it to an exact point but still… something’s just different.

Stupid Moments in the last month:

Cameron needed help with some homework, asked his sister Tarra to come over after a family dinner. So we arrive at the house and there are sea gulls EVERYWHERE, caa-ing in the sky, caca-ing on people’s cars, just crazy. So, being an Oregonian, my first response to the site is, “Wow, gosh, I feel like I’m at the beach. I didn’t even know we had sea gulls here.”

To which my handsome husband responds, “Sea gulls are the Utah State Bird.”

WOW. *smack* Maybe I should carry around a sign that says “WARNING: May spew out stupid comments that will only further push you to believe I’m incompetent.” Yeah. Definitely dumb moment of the month #1.

#2: This morning, at the crack of dawn, Hubbs is getting ready to leave and is a bit hyper trying to make me smile, being a nice guy. Well, I’m grouchy because this was a morning I just did not want to wake up. It was the roll over, oh please, tell me it’s not already 6:18, roll over again to force body out of bed physically morning. So after his silly comment and his loudness I begin to gripe at him telling him he’s too loud, don’t wake the kids, I tell him. “Okay sorry, shhhhh,” he says, he’s quite the Adam Sandler when he tries. 🙂 So I’m still scolding him because it’s after 6:40 and he’s not taking me seriously, why I think people need to be serious in the morning, I have no idea, I think I was just not quite awake.

Me: “You just need to take your whole morning routine and lower it about 15,000 decimals.”

Hubbs stops. “Decimals?”

Me: “Yeah you know, dropping the toilet seat lid, knocking over my shampoo and conditioner 15 times, slamming the cupboard doors? Shhhhh…”

Hubbs: “Oh. You mean decibels.”


Me: “Yeah, whatever.”

Bahahaha, not only do I sound like a complete idiot but I had to end it with the last word being “whatever“, I should have just tipped my hat to side, swung my arms around like a chimpanzee, and told my pimp hey hey move out my crib, ho. (BTW, Brin, you can stop laughing and getting excited, I wasn’t wearing a hat or saying “ho” with my lips pursed, lol.)

So there are stupid moments for the month, and today apparently.

Not sure what I’ll be up to today. I really should work on my Wedding Album, and I need to find something to wear to the theatre on Wednesday with Jessie, at some point feed the starving children AGAIN. (This is the second breakfast they’ve had today, lol.) And I just realized I forgot to put lettuce in Cam’s sandwiches. UGH.

I am glad, however, for tonight. We’re going to take the kids to a small Chinese restaurant down by the corner of 7800 S and 3200 W. It’s a fun place, great food, pretty cheap and we all enjoy the wontons. 🙂 Hopefully, after dinner we’ll be able to go to the library so that I can get a new book. Either before or after, since Ghost Whisperer is on tonight at 7 though, we’ll probably go to the library first right after Cam gets home from work and then head over to the restaurant from there.

Okay, I need to end this and maybe, just maybe, go get something productive done.

Now, all of you stop reading and go outside. Enjoy your non-snowy weather before it starts snowing again.

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