Our latest "dilemma"

Our latest "dilemma"

We went to my in-law’s last night for our family dinner and all was well until we were about to leave. We said our goodbyes, headed out the door and the kids went out first. Well… Olivia decided Duncan was in her way and that she wanted to go down the stairs first and by herself. So she pushed Duncan down the two concrete stairs.

Being a two year old, after a hard fall, of course his hands are in perfect condition, LOL. But his poor little head isn’t. He landed ON his face. It was pretty bad. He’s a tough cookie though, cried for about two seconds until I got to him, cried when he saw his knees but I was glad we didn’t have a mirror, I think it would have freaked him out to see his face. Daddy picked him up and he was fine after that, pretty mellowed out but it was quite the end to an evening of normalcy from the kids.

Here are some shots of his poor little face. 😦

I have flashbacks of Daniel and Maddie with the “wooden block” incident, and of course, the spatula throwing at Brin’s head when the rubber part came off, LOL. It could have been much MUCH worse, but this is definitely one of the biggest incidents we’ve had so far. She’s definitely remorseful this morning but it was NOT a fun evening last night.

But as you can see from photo #2, Duncan is still Duncan, alive and smiling like his face wasn’t ever rubbed raw by some nice flat concrete.

Apparently we need to teach this kid how to fall on his hands, LOL.

Send him kisses. 🙂

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