"I’ll never let go… I’ll never let go…" GAG.

"I’ll never let go… I’ll never let go…" GAG.

The first of a lot of blogging that’s been begging to be done. I’ve been so busy lately and we’ve Andrew over to play a few times, so it’s been a not-up-in-the-office week. Anywho, we unfortunately noticed our beloved table bowing at the ends. I mentioned it to Cam wondering if I was seeing it from an awkward angle or something and he confirmed that it was indeed bowing and called RC Willey. Turns out, our table and everyone else who bought the same table is having the exact same problem. So we asked for a tech to come out and look at it, and just get us a new tabletop. No go. Because of the problem, they did send out a tech but they wouldn’t give us a new table top because of the reoccurring problem with these tables.

Bad, but good. So last Saturday (the 3rd) they picked up our table to take back to the RC Willey Clearance Center. I wonder if they’ll even tell the people who buy the defective sets what’s wrong with them.

We’re mostly sad because of how well it went with all our furniture we already had. Even the new couches and my old trunk. 😦

It was a beautiful wood and the little bit of red in it was just wonderful for our “color scheme” in the two rooms. On the wall we’ve got our clock from Grandpa Wayne, Cameron’s Priesthood Line of Authority, and my antique trunk.

[And yes, I also wish we owned this townhouse instead of just being renters. If only JUST for the reason of being able to rip out that hideous light fixture above the table. BLEHHHH. And what I wouldn’t give for some can lighting in the kitchen… 😦 Some under the cabinet lighting… ugh. Shush, you.]

My gorgeous trunk from Dad & Stom. 😉

So our beauty is gone. 😦 We’re sad, we miss it, but in all reality – the bow only would have gotten worse. So we took our measly $400.48 (yes, we got that huge table, bench and 4 chairs on a GREAT sale and we were SO happy with it!) and knew we weren’t going anywhere NEAR RC Willey again. When you live in Utah, it seems you have two options… you can go to RC Willey and pick out furniture plus a free hotdog meal with the local whiskey tango, or you can go to the crazy guy who dances on his showroom floor and doesn’t realized that Road Redwood is actually Redwood Road. So we took the alternate route that most people don’t know exists and we went to IKEA.

We had a fun time, ate dinner while we were there and got our new table. We also decided to go inexpensive but functional, smaller, and easier for us to maintain. In a year or two it’ll be covered in dings ANYWAY, why spend a minimum of $200.00 more at RC Willey plus our beloved $400.48?

I’ll have photos of the new table coming soon hopefully. It was a very successful shopping trip, including our 4-chaired smaller table for only $119.00. 😉

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