Some photos.

Some photos.

Here are some things I’ve been working on lately.

First some baby undershirts:

The second one with the flowers is to sell as a set. These are both listed on my website, The kimono set with the booties is listed for $15.00, the ducky onesie for $8.00.

The next are 4 different styles of bows that I made for my SIL, Klare, she just said “chocolate brown” and I have made 4 (2 of each, she has two girls the same ages as Liv and Duncan) so far for her to choose from, I’m making a 5th style of smaller chocolate bows that will be together in a set tomorrow and I’ll post those as well. She gets first dibs, and the rest will be posted on the site. 🙂

The bows will all be listed for $5.00 each and the smaller “pigtail” set to come will be listed for $6.00 per set (two smaller bows in each set).

Wish me luck with sales! I’m hopefully going to be whipping up some “decked out duos” sometime Sun-Weds of next week. We’ll see how those go. 🙂

Thanks for looking. Don’t forget to check us out on Etsy too!

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