my NEEEWWW blog!

my NEEEWWW blog!

So it’s arrived. After many frustrated moments and wanting to throw the newly working laptop across the room – IT’S DONE! HORRAY!

Many new features. First, of course, is my hostess spot in the upper left hand corner. Sans the darling cocktail dress unfortunately. But since Cam and I are getting Season Tickets to the Theatre this year, I will SO be getting myself one before too long… muahaha. And then you shall see!

Okay, yeah.

Next, is my counter. Every time you visit, it ticks. Easy enough.

Next, right below that, is the Twitter box. This box basically tells you what I’m doing at any given moment when I feel like entering it. IT CHANGES ITSELF! Amazing, isn’t it? Now if only my son could do that.

Below the tweets, are a few links of other blogs I frequent. Check them out. 🙂 Below that are “Creative Inspirations” these are sites I like to peruse when I’m attempting to get ideas, get motivated, etc. They have scrapbook layouts, card making, articles the above, tutorials, etc. Fun stuff.

Further down you have a peek into my Etsy store front. Clicking on any of the photos of bows, kimonos, onesies, etc. will take you to that particular listing. You can access the Store Front page by clicking the link below, “frecklefeet”.

One below that there is “The Garden Variety”. These are updates on our little garden.

And onto the right side! Woo hoo! Pretty navigation. I feel like I’ve suddenly got new shoes on! 😉 This a dropdown menu, don’t get scared – super easy. Just click the arrow to drop down the menu and eat your little heart out! The blogs are listed by month, simply select which month you’d like the view of and it will take you straight to it.

Following our handy dandy dropdown menu, are three little fun boxes: Day In The Life, Etsy Newbies, and Funnies. These will be updated, most likely more than the regular blog, although knowing me it will be just as often, BUT I will not be sending out email mass notices for these. Because frankly, unless you’re my parents or my siblings (who have no choice, don’t get any ideas SIBS!) I’m sure you’re sick of the emails. (In all seriousness, if you’d like to not receive the mass mailings, let me know and I can take you off the list. Same goes for those who aren’t on the list and would like to be. You can also subscribe to be notified by Google every time the page is updated, need help? Let me know.) The three boxes are self-explanatory. Simply click the picture to be linked to the full photo and sometimes a story. Then click the link under “go home” to get back to the main page.

For reference to the previous paragraph [i.e. rants, raves, questions, constructive criticism (didn’t you hate it when teacher’s said that?)] my email is:

Next come my fun little badges. The first is for a blog group I belong to, the second is a button to vote for my blog (DOOOO it! You know you want to! Vote for ME!), and the third is a badge from PoshMama, another site I belong to. Plus LDS Women Bloggers.

Lastly, on the right, I have a list of my other sites that I’m on when I’m online. Myspace, CreativeXpress, Facebook, etc. All of the networking type sites will show my homepage/profile when you click that particular link.

So that’s pretty much it. So the new blog has fun little additions, a third column, and probably more then you ever wanted from my blog. Literally.

But you know what? TOUGH, ’cause I like it and it’s STAYIN’.

2 thoughts on “my NEEEWWW blog!

  1. Hey Luu Luu,
    I love reading your blog! It brings me so close to home and it makes me miss all your litle sarcastic cuteness and those silly little babies!
    I MISS YOU!!! <333
    Anyways, write me sometime and we can chat! Its been WAYYYYY too long.
    Love ya Siter Sue,
    <3 Maddie Mae

  2. Hey Luu,
    Mom wants you to send your picture that is your display on your blog. The one thats up now. Can you do that so we can print it off for Grandma and her to have?

    Love you! Happy Birthday Olivia!
    Maddie, Mimi, & Grammy

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