pink twists & ladybugs

pink twists & ladybugs

Here’s more of what I’ve been working on lately. I just finished an order for my friend Lindsay. Her daughter is ADORABLE, and I can’t WAIT to see these on her. 🙂

Here they are:

ladybug parade
pinky twists
turquoise chocolate

Hope you like them Lindsay!

Now that we’re into spring getting closer to summer it’s so nice having this sunshine later into the evening. It’s just barely 7:30 and it’s still light out, more shadowed then when I took the photos, but it’s nice to have it light out again.

Liv fell asleep around 4:30ish, of course. Bedtime’s at 7, so you know – fall asleep close to bedtime so we can stay up late. But unfortunately for her, it’s PAST bedtime now so somebody gets to sleep through the night, lol.

My wisdom tooth has been giving me a lot of trouble lately. The bottom left one is coming in and is almost all the way in. There’s like a chunk of gum still over the back of it and it KILLS. I still haven’t gotten any calls back from the two companies I called about it. Here in Utah (never heard of it in Oregon but hey, maybe they have them) you can sign up for a “study” and get your wisdom teeth removed AND get paid for it! Although… with them not calling me back and these still pushing through, moving my other teeth, and causing serious pain and issue – especially when eating… I’m beginning to realize why people PAY for oral surgery to remove these beasts of pain. It’s like a cruel roller coaster ride of intense tooth poking on a daily basis. Bring on the acetaminophen.

Well, off to find food for the cranky girl who just woke up… bedtime’s going to be interesting tonight.

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