Hasn’t been a bad day today, house is clean, weather is good, spoke to an old friend from highschool this morning via MySpace. She’s such a sweetheart and I’m glad I decided to comment on her page and say hello. 🙂

I am on the other hand, NOT glad, that since the events in March I’ve become horribly lactose intolerant. I don’t know if that normally includes all dairy products or anything with any type of dairy product in them (i.e. eggs, butter, sour cream, pudding) but my version of it certainly does. I began to notice in April that I was getting sick an awful lot in the evenings to the point where I could hardly stand to have pajamas on or Cam anywhere near my side of the bed. I would sweat and my stomach would cramp. I’d have to sit up in the middle of the night because the pains would make my stomach hurt so badly they’d wake me up.

At first, I just assumed it was an awful stomach bug, as I’m a baby when it comes to anything GI. So I stuck through it, didn’t change anything. The next morning I had my cereal (with milk), had a normal lunch, had dinner (chicken crescents which includes cream of broccoli or chicken, milk, cheese, and of course the cheese and cream of whatever gravy for the rice and on top of the crescents). That night after the kids went to bed, we watched TV together and had ice cream.

That night was one of the worst I’ve ever had GI-wise. You don’t want details, believe me.

Since then I realized, after my pleading with God to just help me through the night and I’d never touch a glass of milk ever again, that I was going to have to make a change. Since then life has been considerably better. I no longer drink milk – at all, eat eggs (I’ll eat them in something like fried rice or a small small slice of cake sans frosting, but not alone or in omelet, etc.), no more buttered toast in the mornings, no more sour cream or cream cheese, no more frosting (that hasn’t been a huge deal since I’m not too big on frosting), pretty much anything dairy. Even macaroni and cheese, it’s like my body can sense the dairy and suddenly things don’t taste as good. Well, not that M&C ever did really taste good in the first place, lol.

So not eating the dairy, and allowing myself to some ice cream once a week in smaller amounts (because ice cream is pretty much my LIFE) I’ve come back to the human world where we all are normal and bent over in pain, sobbing.

So in addition to my regular eating habits of no ground beef, don’t like chocolate, and cutting out the preservatives of “pre made” meals or “freezer dinners” (essentially anything not fresh or made from scratch) I’m adding no dairy. This ought to be interesting at family dinners.

I’m making some more changes to the blog today. Nothing horrendously interesting to the likes of the rest of the cyber world. No worries. 😉

Now go clean your room.

2 thoughts on “Today.

  1. Well mel, that sucks! I mean what are you going to eat now beans and veggies?

    I need that kind of diet, the kind that you get so sick you stop eating all the crap.


  2. Yeah it’s not fun. Breakfast is fun, I’ve resorted to oatmeal because even butter on toast bothers me.

    Like I said on the post I normally stay away from processed foods and I don’t eat gr. beef except on rare occasions (like when I have no choice whatsoever) so taking dairy off sucks, but it’s just one more thing. Oh well.

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