Campin’ in the Wasatch. [Somewhere.]

Campin’ in the Wasatch. [Somewhere.]

FINALLY – camping photos! Unfortunately, I took these with anticipation of taking a ton more the next day but it rained off and on through the night and all the next morning. The Wagner clan in the trailer was gone well before us, and Dan & Klare and Brandon & Jessica left around the same time as we did.

I guess in Utah getting rained out of a camping trip is something that happens. Me, I can only remember ONE camping trip in my whole life where it DIDN’T rain. 🙂 Life as a transplanted Oregonian…

One thing is for sure… this trip really did make me miss Oregon. There was so much green around our site and a creek loud enough to hear from from our tent.

I took this of Liv and mistakenly told her “Oh, this is cute Liv, good job hon,” to which she replies:

[surprise surprise.]

The kids decided they were tired and wanted to lay in the tent, here’s Duncan peeking over and Liv doing a puppet show to the right of him. 🙂

The kids and cousins did musical chairs the whole trip, lol. Duncan’s in Andrew’s and Liv’s in Kyla’s here.

Now Duncan is in either Kortney or Kyla’s, Liv’s in Kyla’s, and Andrew’s in his. ;P

Cute slumped boy. 🙂
Imagine seeing this “barf” face with it’s accompanying noise 12-15 times a day.
Not that cute. *rolls eyes*

Duncan decided, despite the warmer weather and raging fire, that he needed his car blanket wrapped around him to “keep warm” cause it was so “cowwwwd” outside.

The first s’mores!

This is what I get for complaining to Cam that I don’t get any photos of him ever. A nice grin. He’s so cute. 🙂
I don’t remember what he was saying here, but if I know my husband it was probably something along the lines of “How was that last photo? Was that a good smile for you?” Such a dork. 😉 Gotta love him.

We had a very good time, and it was fun for the kids to have all the cousins running around. I’m bummed that we did leave because I had plans for SO many photos, including some to edit and use in our family room but I guess we’ll have to try again later.

Overall it was a great trip!

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