O48: My BIG birthday girl!

O48: My BIG birthday girl!

Oh Livy Liv, you are so sweet. And a PAIN some days, but I’m a Mom, I have this wonderful ability to deal with you screaming all day and then one cute moment turns it all around. 😉 We love you so much.

I can’t believe that on Friday you will be 4 years old. I remember holding you when you were so tiny… and unlike your brother at birth (over 8lbs) you WERE tiny! Just 6lbs 7oz, 18-3/4″ long, such a sweetheart. I thought your newborn clothes were tiny until I saw you, haha. You wore a preemie suit for the first few weeks of your life – we had TWO of them and I didn’t mind all the wash – made me feel like a MOM. (I was SO NAIVE.)

We’re having a small cake-eating, present-opening party on Friday. I asked you what you wanted for dinner on your birthday and you respond “Chicken Noodle Soup.” How BORING, lol, so I picked up what I needed, including tangly noodles aka egg noodles which are by far your favorite. We’re having a white cake with frosting of who-knows-what-we’ll-decide. You’ve changed your mind over and over. I can’t wait for you to see the surprises we have in store for this year. Having a girl party is different than a boy party – especially with your brother who always wants Banana “cake” and Chicken Crescents for any event or holiday we’ve ever experienced.

You’ve learned a lot this month. As much as I’ve tried though, I think you’ve learned more from Diego about wildlife than anything. “MOM the butterflies are HERE! Maybe fruit will fall from the trees and we can watch them drink and help them and say ‘DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!’ cause they’re tired from their flying jobs.” To which Daddy is COMPLETELY confused and looks at me, then you. You reply “Butterflies eat fruit that falls on the ground. I saw it on Diego on NickJr.” Believe me, everyday we thank our lucky stars that Utah isn’t known for it’s urbanized spectacled bears and three-toed sloths because you’re all but a NOVICE on those topics. Thank YOU, Diego.

You’re still superbly dramatic and love to ask to watch NickJr. at 6:30pm while Daddy is watching his news. “I want to watch NickJr.”
“NickJr. is only on in the mornings.”
“Liv, it’s not morning. NickJr. isn’t on.”

You still, of course, are constantly in Princess mode. It’s an amazing daily LEAP if I can even get a SKIRT on you. Because skirts are not dresses, MOM. You love playing outside and I have no doubt that once it begins to snow again at the end of this fall that you will continue to ask if you can wear a sleeveless dress and “flips” into the 13 degree weather. Can’t wait for those debates to start again.

You’re such a big girl Livy, and I’m so proud of how smart you are and how protective you are over your little brother (in between the clobberin’ time WWE matches we all have daily) . I just can’t believe you’re going to be 4 – once so tiny, and now… okay well still tiny at just 3 feet. But much bigger than my previously new-mommy-mind would allow me to even believe 4 years ago. I’ll treasure my bedtime huggies and kissies before you’re too cool to even THINK about public displays of affection and begin calling me and your father by our first names. Ahh… *sigh*… girls.

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