Liv’s Family Party

Liv’s Family Party

Unfortunately, my page can’t handle this many videos, haha. So, glance through and when you come to a video, rather than clicking play please go to the link below. Such as, the first video has a link: “Livy’s Me2 dolls from Grammy &Pa.” It’s blue and underlined, click that and it will zoom you directly to the video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Livy’s Me2 doll from Grammy & Pa. from Melissa Wagner on Vimeo.

Livy and her Me2 garment bag.
Livy and her Me2
Thanks Grammy & Pa! 🙂


Livy’s new piano. 🙂(Telling Duncan, “no you can’t touch.”)
Thanks Gma Cole!

Looking for the present…

Dora socks from Mommy & Daddy (best $1 I ever spent, LOL)


More unwrapping… (batteries were dying, excuse picture quality).
A froggy!
More presents.

Nick Jr. books!

Matching dresses. 🙂

Cinderella Gown. from Melissa Wagner on Vimeo.
Thanks Gma Bonnie & Gpa Bill!

The new bike. [Note Duncan’s “premature reveal”.] from Melissa Wagner on Vimeo.

Big girl on her new big girl bike!

Dress-up time. 😉

Duncan’s PJs from Gma Bonnie 🙂

The cake. from Melissa Wagner on Vimeo.

Once the laptop charges, which may be never, I’ll post the few others we had. My batteries died 3 different times. The first time I stole batteries from the mouse. Those died. Second time I stole them from the keyboard… THOSE died. FINALLY, I just gave up when they died the third time and I used a cell phone, haha. Oh well. Life goes on. 🙂

More later! Sorry this is short bloggage wise, enjoy the photos. 🙂

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