More Liv’s birthday…

More Liv’s birthday…

I never really BLOGGED on this, mostly just posted photos. It went fairly well except, of course, for the fact that my camera died 3 times. That part was awful. Then it came time for the cake that Liv loved – MY CARD WAS FULL. I finally gave up and used a cell phone for the last few shots. I’d post them here except Hubbs forgot to save them on here and they’re downstairs on the USELESS lappy. Stupid non-charging piece of electronic equipment.

As I’m typing, there is a blissful silence in the house. AMAZING, isn’t it? Liv’s on the computer next to me watching some cartoon music video from Nick Jr. – LazyTown I think? I don’t know what is is and by the freaky looking characters with neon colored hair doing push ups while brushing their teeth… all I can say is that it had better be educational.

Okay, some more photos:

Liv waited for Daddy to get home and then opened two cards because SHE COULD NOT WAIT. Such drama this child has.

Liv’s My Little Pony sticker card from John, Jennifer
and the rest of the Tanner gang in Fernley, NV.

Before we opened Liv’s gifts and had cake we went to the park. Kids had fun, I got even more park shots. 🙂

Park Trip 6.6.08

I also never posted the Princess’ birthday chair…

Now I know it’s nice to be nice but don’t bother – yes it was last minute creativity. But the story behind it is ridiculous. It starts on Wednesday of last week… I treated myself for the first time in a LONG time to a pedicure and manicure. It was WONDERFUL. She scrubbed my feet, filed my nails, massaged my calves and the bottoms of my feet – she couldn’t speak a drop of English but for me being on my feet with the kids, running around, pulling my hair out – IT WAS HEAVEN. Oh it was just wonderful.

So I came home all cutesy-ed up and feel rather relaxed with my French tipped toes and “Sheer Luck” pink fingernails.

That Friday, 2 days later, Olivia said she wanted her decorations up because it was her birthday! How dare I not wake at 2 am to SURPRISE her with a house FULL of paper streamers? So I indulged her, climbed up on one of our new IKEA dining room chairs and began to hang streamers. Andrew, Duncan, and Liv sat around the table chitchatting and fighting over who Mom was going to pick to hand her the next tack. I hung 3 white streamers from corner to light fixture and was just pinning the last part of the 4th one when my cell phone rang. Thinking it was Cameron I tried to hurry and push the tack in, meanwhile the kids are yelling “MOOOOOOMMMM! Phone! Mom it’s ringing!”

Suddenly, I’m on the floor.

Somehow, I managed to fall off of the chair. I cannot for the life of me remember how. All I remember was that I was pinning the streamer, I finished, I squatted a little to hold the top of the chair to climb down and suddenly I was on the floor, sore with an even more sore foot but alive, haha. The chair, on the other hand, was broken. The back of it had fallen onto the trunk but two of the feet, at an angle, were on the floor and just as Cam had told the kids hundreds of times – these chairs WILL break… and this one did. Liv started bawling “YOU BROKE THE CHAIR!” of course, someone had to enter drama into the situation. And as I’m laying there feeling my foot throb and pulse… I missed the call.

So – with 3 chairs and 4 people I had to bring one of the office chairs down. This is an old chair from an old dining set that someone in my ward got rid of, gave to one of my at-the-time Visiting Teachers, she brought one to her daughter, and one to me after seeing my rocking chair in front of the desk once. My previous desk chair had broken and I couldn’t stand sitting crooked anymore so I threw it in the dumpster at the complex and used the rocking chair – obviously my VT didn’t like this, haha. So it’s an old chair, that also broke a few months back, and Cam fixed it but we’ve sort of deemed it a kid chair because even after being fixed, it’s just getting rickety.

Now – all of you who know Olivia know… well… Olivia. Do you think she’s going to want to sit on an old chair? A chair that DOESN’T MATCH the table or the rest of the chairs? CHA… I think NOT. Thus mommy came up with the “birthday” chair. She LOVES it. End of story.

(And I chipped two of my newly done fingernails. The next day at Ross I slammed my toenail into my cart’s wheel and bled all underneath my broken French tipped BIG toenail. Couldn’t it have been the little toe?)

All right – Dad’s package arrived yesterday… those photos coming soon.

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