It’s not just the cow and the hen.

It’s not just the cow and the hen.

So among other recent discoveries that have changed the way I look at food and the people eating it – something else is wrong. I have been so good about what I eat and avoiding dairy like the plague. Even silly things that aren’t pure raw dairy are bothering me. Cakes, cookies – any type of bakery good with egg or milk in it. I can’t have butter in any form. All stuff we knew right?

So I decided I was tired of being up sick all night on the occasional night when I thought I hadn’t eaten any dairy at all. Yesterday was a true test for all of that. In the morning I had wheat toast with this yummy homemade jam that my Visiting Teacher made for me (okay my family, but I hoard it, lol), lunch was top ramen (I know, not the healthiest, I was just in the mood for it), and dinner we had turkey burgers with fried onion (in canola oil, not butter), lettuce, honey mustard, and pickles. YUM. Corn on the cob (minus the butter) and baked fries for Cam and myself, baked taters for the kids. NO DAIRY. And after our after-dinner walk, this time so the kids could ride the new bikes, I felt so sick I had to tell Cam, “I need to go to the bathroom, I don’t feel well.” I’m sure his thoughts were the same as mine – what the heck did I eat?

Returning from the bathroom, my stomach was crampy and sore and I could not figure out what was wrong with me. My chest felt constricted from the bottom of my ribcage through my sternum and shoulders and I looked about 2-1/2 months pregnant my tummy was so swollen. And the only thing I know of that can make you swell like that (other than a fetus) is WHEAT and/or YEAST.

I called my Mom, the Goddess of allergens, diets, and body intolerances, lol, and she agreed with me and wants me to see her naturopath in Oregon. We’ll see how that pans out, and it wouldn’t be until November, but for now… I’m officially off wheat AND dairy and staying away from sugars. Meats, vegetables, and fruits are about it for right now. It’ll be an interesting ride.

This morning for breakfast, out of curiosity I peeked at my new salad dressing that’s been my savior in all of this, I can use it on breads, meats, salads, etc. – not anymore! The 3rd ingredient is soy sauce – guess what they use to make soy sauce? Yes, soybeans. AND WHEAT.

For breakfast, rather than toast since that’s off the menu now, I had a sliced apple with crunchy peanut butter – THANK YOU inventor of peanut butter for not RANDOMLY including wheat OR yeast in your ingredients. I LOVE YOU.

Lunch is looking like a salad but no dressing… on the bright side I have some carrots and cucumber in the crisper so at least I can have more than nothing on it. I guess I just need to find a dressing with no wheat, no dairy, and hopefully no yeast (in case, it’s random stuff, I mean it) that doesn’t taste like blended grass seed or cream of tree bark. And don’t even get me started on dinner. I have no idea what to even CONSIDER for dinner. I’m just at a complete loss. I love to bake and cook – so what now?

Sitting here and taking in a deep breath, have to grab hold of my mental state at times and shake it around so it can chill, I realize a good option for tonight would be BBQ chicken (with sauce for Cam and the kiddos, plain for me), steamed veggies, and rice or mashed potatoes. I’ll have to fiddle with the potatoes and see if I can maybe use water instead of milk? Canola oil instead of butter, well actually butter is just for the flavor, that can be omitted. It’ll mess with the overall flavor, BUT, I could find a good seasoning combination.

See, I’ll get through this, just have to let my brain think without the mental-doom-thoughts taking over.

Any ideas? Comment or email – believe me… I’m up for suggestions.

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