Soy, cantalope, and Rice (gluten-free) Chex!

Soy, cantalope, and Rice (gluten-free) Chex!

It’s a like a new world has molded into mine. I love milk, especially with cereal, the cold vs. the crunch, I’ve always been a cereal kid, since day one. (Well, maybe not GERBER cereal, I’ll have to ask Mom, lol.)

Yesterday I took the kiddos to Ream’s Market with me and piled them all into a cart. We shopped around, I needed Lemon Pepper to make FANTASTIC Father’s Day sandwiches, courtesy of Pioneer Woman and her “Marlboro Man’s Second Favorite Sandwich“. It was soooo yummy according to Cam, very manly and unhealthy, LOL. I couldn’t have the cheese or the bun but still, the moist chicken and bacon strips… *droooool* check out this recipe! It’s to die for! (“LITERALLY!” whisper our arteries…)

Anywho – we got lemon pepper, than chicken bullion for a bean soup recipe I was making – something I CAN eat. I also looked for a new dressing. You would be surprised how many dressings have sour cream or some hugely dairy item in them. And by “how many” I mean EVERY FRICKIN’ ONE! It was ridiculous. I finally did find one, $2.50, but on the bright side it will only be me that will be eating it because it’s Honey Dijon Mustard dressing. Which I love, and Cam hates, lol. (But he loves my previous yay-you-are-my-life dressing that I discovered has WHEAT in it. So sad.) Anywho, very good dressing. Brianna’s I think.

I wandered over to the milk and actually bought some Soy Milk from Silk, the vanilla flavor. And I tell you… OH MY SWEET COMPUTER, it’s HEAVEN! Just to have that cool thicker milky taste and to be able to eat cereal again! (Not all cereal, but hey it’s an improvement.) I immediately went to look for cereals just from looking at the container I was craving it so badly. In the cereal isle we got Kix, no wheat or dairy, and RICE Chex, no wheat or dairy. And, surprisingly enough, NO GLUTEN. I’m not allergic to gluten but A LOT of people are. Sugar is the third ingredient which doesn’t make it the perfect cereal for people with high allergies to life BUT, I called my mom anyway and she was amazed there was no gluten in it, she said she may have to pick some up for a treat! Pretty sad my mom and I are repeating mantras of “OH, CHEX… TREEEEATTT!” But hey, whatever works right?

Life is still going to be interesting. We have yet to go out to eat since this development… I’m not sure what I would even order. Probably would do a salad and bring my own dressing… it’s so weird to think how some silly little thing changes everything.

Today is the kids’ birthday party, Liv, Andrew and Kyla… so I really should stop with the blogging and go get dressed, dress the kids, get Hubbs to the shower, cause we’ve got a lot ahead of us today and grocery shopping, produce shopping, “etc.” shopping ahead of that! Wish us luck. Pictures to come… 🙂

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