In an effort…

In an effort…

…to drag myself away from this beautiful series and deem myself a Lallybroch Lady before I reach the end, I ventured into some more creative endeavors (as if imagining the ruggedly handsome Jamie Fraser wasn’t creative enough!) and have had a lot of fun making these two little critters for the kids.

Liv’s is going to be finished any minute after I stop typing, only needing a nose and maybe some detail on the ears… perhaps a bow. I found the pattern through “Motherhood for Dummies“, a fellow mom-blogger’s blog and she linked us all to Martha Stewart and this pattern. You can see Duncan and his new black puppy in the Etsy Newbies section to the right side of this post, and once Olivia has been allowed to leave her room (don’t ask) I’ll hopefully get a semi decent, non-Chester-Cheeto photo out of her before too long.

I put a book on hold at the Kearns Library, In Stitches by Amy Butler, that a book group I’ve recently joined it reading. I had no idea Amy Butler had books out but I suppose that just about everyone does now a days. Anywho, I’m excited… even though it’s the JULY book and I’m STILL waiting for it to arrive… today being the 23. I guess I’ll just have to balance a few books at a time, oh darn. šŸ˜‰

I also need to get movin’ on my wedding album again since it’s going to be November before I know it! It hailed and rained a LOT yesterday and really sort of gave me an earning for November. It wasn’t until I LFET Oregon that I realized how much I miss that rain. And at the same time, not even the rain, but the jacket weather. I’m definitely going to find myself a lovely jacket for jacket weather. Hopefully we’ll get some this year. šŸ™‚

Well… must be off. I’ve got appointments next week and then our Anniversary trip on the 1st weekend in August, plus we’ve got to find out if we’ll need to leave way earlier from Park City then planned, or who knows, lol. Isn’t it always the best laid (and early made) plans that seem to go haywire? Ahh… such is life. šŸ™‚


That’s right Scooter, didn’t forget you! It’s coming quick!

I think that my favorite thing beyond Brinsley’s wide eyed Tweety-bird look (on the left), is my mom’s wonderful Nordstrom nightgown, adorned with Nordstrom charge cards of course!
Ahh, the good ol’ days. šŸ™‚

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