I never really noticed until after we got cable, how suddenly commercials become a way of life, lol. I’ve always had no cable, just nice public access PBS type stations and the networks of course. So my kids were always watching PBS, Sesame Street, Caillou, etc.

Then we got cable.

Olivia can RECITE commercials.

She’s constantly telling me, “Mom we can’t take a bath in the tub because if there’s scoap scum then there’s germs and we need to clean it.” CONSTANTLY.

One of our excuses at the grocery store is, “it’s not on sale.” For us, that’s the best answer we have because it’s rare that we do buy something that’s not on sale. So even silly things, like Clorox cleaner or name brand poptarts – you name it… we don’t even buy poptarts! But Liv sees it on the shelf and suddenly blurts out in the store “Mommy, are we just not buying it ’cause it’s not on sale?” I’ll try to explain that we like other brands or generics, etc. better or that we don’t need 14 different kinds of poptarts when we just ran out to pick up some onions and still… she’ll shrug her shoulders and say “Yeah, Dunky. It’s just not on sale. We only need the onions.”

Way to make mom feel like a HOMELESS person, lol.

But lately, the newest “I want…” “I want…” are these:

They are very cute – Liv likes the Elmo ones and Duncan likes the Cookie Monster ones. Honestly I can’t blame them! They’re on the spendy side though, being NewBalance and all, but OH so cute. Even the insoles, lol.

Just cracks me up… I never realized how much commercials do suck you in to things like that. When I was a kid, no way they sucked me in, right? But now – WOW, having my own kids definitely shows me the power commercials have over them, lol. And we don’t even watch very much TV! Afterall, they have to cram as many commercials in during each television show just in case you really are only going to watch THAT show.

Ahh… modern living.

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