Nawwwwty procrastinating momma.

Nawwwwty procrastinating momma.

I’ve been so busy with myself lately, and trying to kick myself to get a bunch of bows done for the etsy site, that I haven’t been blogging events as they’ve happened.

If you’ve noticed the song that plays, Oh My Love by John Lennon, when you scroll down onto the blog it’s in honor of my 1-year Anniversary with my handsome husband, Cameron. We had a fun time a little early and took an over-nighter trip to Park City. We snagged an AWESOME little hotel room and got a great deal since technically, no snow means off season. 🙂

Here are some shots:

(Just kidding, I’ll edit this later and add them… Cameron hasn’t uploaded them yet from his phone.)

But at the top was right before we went to dinner the Saturday before the 10th, the 10th was a Sunday and we don’t go out to dinner on Sundays. We had a fun time and we exchanged gifts as well. I got a watch from Cam, and some stationary, from Target. Cameron also got a watch, lol, from me!I orginally had a really nice Coleman watch picked out and purchased for him but when we took it home and he tried it on, it was too small. 😦 We went back to Target, exchanged it, and he chose this Mossimo one instead, still very nice and he says the fit is perfect.

The kids had fun with Brin while we were gone…

Hopefully, this will be one of the last diaper shots you’ll see of Duncan… cross your fingers! It’s sad because he is OH so cute… but the time has come. He’s been diaper free (well except nighttime) for 4 days now! Doing fantastic and I’m so proud of him. 🙂

PS: Liv’s haircut – pretty cute, huh? 🙂

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