lazy daisy.

lazy daisy.

It seems as the days drag on I feel like I’m counting the days of each week of pregnancy less and less… of course, I’m still not quite to 15 weeks yet and still jumpy as a jitterbug – regardless of it all – I have been SLACKING MAJORLY. And not even on the important stuff… how weird is that?

I’ve cleaned toilets, swept floors, vacuumed more times than I have fingers to count, wiped mirrors, scrubbed counters, swept porches, watered flowers – I’ve DUSTED this week for heaven’s sake! It’s all apart of my new little routine I have going to take over the housework with Cam being gone and when home, incredibly busy with homework from school and online meetings for his DL classes online. Been a busy week and there was only *1* day of in-school class, haha. But we’re making it. 🙂

The point of this banter is simply that I’ve been so engrossed on what my toilets are looking like, and whether or not I can force myself to mop before passing out in bed each night, I’ve been completely ignoring my poor little blog. I promise once I get into this routine a little easier (much like Monday when I completed my morning tasks plus half of my afternoon tasks all before the morning ones were scheduled to be done) I’ll be able to slip in a few things that I couldn’t before.

I also pledge to keep the dadgum camera DOWNSTAIRS. You know, so I’ll USE it. Dumb Kodak sneaking around on me. That way I’ll have fun things to post and hopefully some interesting side photos for you all to click.

Well… off to the grind again I suppose, I’ll update the “funnies” and “day in the life” before I go but please – be patient with me! And YES, I know poor little D-man hasn’t had his monthly newsletter yet. 😦 Poor man, I’ll probably try to get shots of him today and post them and his newsletter next Monday? We’ll have to see!

Wish me luck and grant me PATIENCE! (Both for you to wait for posts, and for me to stay sane.) ;D

One thought on “lazy daisy.

  1. Hey Luu,
    I am missing you like crazy. I was stting in my room today and just started praying for you. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you a lot and that I love and miss you a ton. And no matter what, you are always the woman I look up too, and always have.
    I love you.

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