family yoga, almost.

family yoga, almost.

This morning as I was doing my yoga for pregnancy (so chic, lol) my kids woke up and came down to join me. Livy would ask funny questions but loved playing and lifting her arms during the positions.

I think my favorite part though, in the beginning, was when Olivia decided to voice her opinion on one of the video hosts’ appearance. The woman has very interesting teeth, gray super short hair and an older bone structure, making her look: “Mom… that lady is like a super old Grandma lady.”

Shortly thereafter we were sitting and centering and the younger host says we’re going to sit with legs crossed and “place you hands on your lower abdomen, breathing in and up through your chest feeling it expand. When you exhale, send that energy back down through your body and to your baby.” Well, when she’s sitting next to me I try to focus on only me and yoga, etc. I know she’s safe and probably looking silly next to me, so I don’t look cause I know my concentration will go out the window – I’ve already got Duncan laying all over me during the whole thing, lol. So I hear this sort of “uuughhhh” noise from Liv and she says:

“Mom, uhhm… I just don’t have a baby in my tummy. Do I need to put my hands on my tummy?”

“Well maybe you can just pretend. Or you can just put your hands there. Either way.”

“… but there’s no baby.”

“I know.”

“Well what about the super old Grandma lady, does SHE have a baby?”

Ohh… my. The things these kids come up with. Hilarious.

Duncan liked to bug us at the very end during “Relaxation” by squealing “wwwwaaaaaake upppp!” and “nnooooo sleeeeeeping!” Very entertaining. Liv would whine and say “Duncan SHHHTOP! I’m trying to relax-a-shin.”

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