Life just comes all at once, doesn’t it? Haha – but we’re surviving and doing just fine. 🙂 I’m actually no longer watching my nephew so that has freed up a little time at the end of the week in the afternoons while Duncan naps, Liv’s at preschool – I definitely have my bit-more-relaxing Fridays back. Although – anytime Olivia’s out of the house it surely gives me a break and allows Duncan to revert back to his napping.

Anyway – I HAVE still been taking photos, lots of them, just haven’t found the breath to sit down, load them all, and explain what’s going on! So basically, I’m going to share some preschool ones now and I’ll probably end up doing the kids’ entries and picking favorites from the unshared photos for that. Enjoy. 🙂

So, Wednesday, September 3rd was Olivia’s first day of Preschool. And WOW – let me tell you, I NEVER would have guess how that afternoon was going to take place! Here are some photos.

Some of these are cropped a little differently because Olivia’s school bag is from her school and I figured since I’m normally very open sharing photos and names of my children that I would hold off on the name of her Preschool. BUT – I’m 100% open to showing the originals to the family and friends I personally know that visit here. Some I can’t even post because stinker Olivia swung her back in front of them during a few shots – such a goober. But cute nonetheless!

(If you’re interested in seeing those photos let me know and I can email them to you.) 🙂

These were all taken outside in front of our house – it was excruciatingly bright outside and even in the shadows I could hardly get a normal looking smile out of them, they couldn’t see – the whole sun in the eyes and kids don’t mix well for photos.

Duncan’s new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shirt – we got it for a steal
on clearanceat Walmart and he loves it.
And of course… his cars. 🙂

Livy also has a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tee shirt that we got for her with Minnie and Daisy on it but we got it in a 5T and it just didn’t look right without a wash, so we switched and wore out Cinderella and Princess outfit and I washed the shirt for her while she was gone. We’ve yet to try it on but hopefully it helped the fit. 🙂

So we get to her school and she walks in… scratch that – SPRINTS through her classroom door and immediately goes to play. I have the camera so I’m trying to get photos… which yeah DID NOT WORK AT ALL. She was way too excited and focused on toys and preschool, but that was a good thing as I was expecting her to be too focused on clutching to my thigh and begging me not to leave her alone with these crazy alien people.

Miss Denise, her teacher, called her name as I was trying to get her to stand next to her cubby with her bag for a shot to show Daddy, and of course she listens to anyone but mom, haha. 🙂 Miss Denise took her photo for the wall and Livy hung up her bag and darted across the room to the make-believe cash register to play with another girl.

I actually had to CALL her name to get her to even notice us
and she of course gave us a whatever face.

She was officially busy with her kids.

We went over gave her kisses and hugs (which involved her kissing the air next to my thigh and hugging me quickly, no regards to Duncan, she was MUCH too busy) and that was it! She did fantastic though and has continued to love it and is excited to go the next time everytime she comes home.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

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