frecklefeet & backpacks

frecklefeet & backpacks

My store, frecklefeet, opened it’s doors this morning @ 11:30am (EDT) at it’s new site:

I’m very excited to be in a new spot, more editing capabilities, new audience (much more suited to what I’m selling), as well as my upcoming collaboration with Lindsay of Rainbow Waters! Lots of exciting things going on.

Arriving home from Preschool, and a million errands while she was IN school, we found a boxed up Air Filter for the new Trail Blazer that Cameron had ordered and a package from Bonnie in Oregon! The kids were very excited to see the box and we came inside and opened it up to find a Dora backpack and lunchbag for Liv, and a Cars backpack and lunchbag for Duncan! Treats inside, including new Princess shoes, and the kids were thrilled. I’ll try to get photos of them and their new bags but I wasn’t able to yesterday.

I haven’t been able to get photos of a lot lately, except for the weekly belly shots that Cam takes for me, with how busy life has been. Liv’s in preschool, Cam’s in school full time as well as still working full time so it’s been a little chaotic! I’ll try harder, I promise!

More later as I need to check back on the store and possibly do one of the kids’ newsletters. Not to mention the toilets, stairs that need vacuuming, and the dishes to be handwashed on my counter… ahhh, motherhood. 🙂

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