New ideas.

New ideas.

The baby will be here in February and I’m feeling the itch of nesting like you wouldn’t believe. (Although it can’t be THAT hard to believe, just read the blog below from earlier this morning…)

The kids’ bedding is from IKEA in “BARNSLIG” textile. This is the baby’s bedding:

And these are some things I’m hoping to get:

The Picture Pockets

The Wall Pockets

The BARNSLIG Mobile for over Baby’s bed


The Picture Set in BARNSLIG

These CUTE curtains 🙂

And of course, the Rug for the middle of the room…

I can’t wait for their room to be finished. I like how much space we have in their now, but I really like the idea of pulling down and saving some of the sentimental stuff that we have up because it was given to us, i.e. the Mary Engelbreit “Spot” picture and the Anne Geddes Alphabet print, and making it a little more ours. Obviously we’ll keep our “name” hangings from the kids’ Aunt and things like that in their room, but overall I’d like for the room to get a little bit of a face lift in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

I know… nesting dreams. Still fun though. 😉

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