Speaking of "all I had accomplished that day"…

Speaking of "all I had accomplished that day"…

Yesterday during our break from Conference, this is what we did. I ALMOST took a before photo yesterday, but didn’t because I honestly didn’t think I would last the whole time it would take to completely rearrange, re-bunk the bunk beds, put the crib up (of course Cam took that over faster than I could count the pieces out), plus all the de-junkifying (yes, I just made up that word) that I did in their closet as well.

Anywho – before, each of their beds were up against the wall with the window and it left very little space for… well, ANYTHING. We’re hoping to get a dresser in their room at some point but after seeing how it looks now I don’t see how on earth we’d fit one in there. The changing table is currently in the garage and against every pack-ratty-bone in my body, we will be passing it on to someone else soon. I love that changing table and wanted to repaint it, make it ours again, etc. But with Cameron in school and of course ALL of my free-to-do-what-I-want time… it just wasn’t going to happen. That and the fact that it’s been steadily falling apart. 😦 My parents bought it at a garage sale back in the day while baby shopping for ME. That thing is over 22 years old at least, and has lasted as long. But the time has come to pass it on. 😦

If only I had a new AC pluggable papasan baby swing (in New Nature’s Touch colors) to mend my heart’s sadness. (HINT, hubbs… just kidding. :))

Beyond the giving away and moving on of many items that have remained up in a closet and unloved for quite some time we were very happy with the outcome of the room. It honestly makes the WHOLE upstairs feel so much nicer. There’s room to play, room for THIS (click me!) and definitely I’m feeling that it’s time for some more decor… perhaps another blog to come?

Without further adieu… the photos:

The room was so crowded before that despite the fact that we ADDED a bed in here, the appearance of it now is MUCH better with much more room.

The kids beds’, obviously, are back in bunks with Duncan on the bottom still. He unfortunately still has the fascination with the “top bed” but we’re getting a much better message driven into him now that he can respond a little more. Cam’s favorite message of this is: “Duncan, don’t you remember when you fell and put a hole in your head?” Ahh, the subtly.

Seeing this I just realized I didn’t hang the last picture, but meh, oh well. The bookshelf was originally where the Dora Kitchen was and vice versa but as he was more likely to fall off the bed by doing acrobatics over the side, we decided plastic rather than Y-puncture-making, sharp cornered bookshelves made of wood would be the good choice.

The kids’ both have their cute little name things made by their Aunt Jennifer Tanner, Cam’s oldest sister, and they’re both framed where their beds were. I figure since we’ll have another soon, and I’m going to be getting different decor wall-wise in general even sooner… for the most part I left things as they were for now – even though Duncan’s (sans glass now thanks to his annoying habit of messing with things around his bed) is above where the baby will sleep.

Here is the kids’ Dora Kitchen as well as the poor deflated elephant who sleeps on Dunc’s bunk. This thing is in some serious need of extra filler, lol.

And what room tour would be complete without the wonderful shot of Liv’s superhero – delightfully named, ZZZYYPOFNJ. Also pictured, her example of table manners along with one chair. 🙂

Okay now I’m really wanting to post the new ideas I have for all of this, LOL.

We’ll see…

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