Sewing up a storm. Well… a small one. Just some fleece soaker wind gusts, really.

Sewing up a storm. Well… a small one. Just some fleece soaker wind gusts, really.

We ordered the diapers for the baby at a great price online at LittleLions Clearance section. They came, I washed them, they fluffed and they are LOVELY. Plus, an added point, the premium sized prefolds (which we got for her to use later on) will fit Duncan! So he will be back in cloth (horray!) for his nighttime diapers and knowing Duncan this will also help to push him into panties at night. He still gets upset when we put diapers on him and now refuses to wear panties with pajamas like it’s against the rules, LOL. But in the meantime while we’re working with him, he’ll be contributing less to landfills, wearing something that’s much better for him, and looking cute – all at once! πŸ™‚ He is only 2-1/2 so we are giving him plenty of space to decide when he’s ready to do the big boy thing all through the night. He does fantastic during the day, and it requires nothing of me aside from helping him on when he tells me he needs to go. (Disadvantage of learning early… the whole height issue!)

Anyway, I finished two soakers in a Medium size, SURE that they would fit my boy. I quickly discovered that I had forgotten about the DIAPER. I’m so used to sizing everything to him for panties that I completely forgot about the added bulk of the prefold. Needless to say… the baby will now have some teal//multicolored diaper covers for when she hits size Medium, lol.

Sorry for the awful photo, but I was being quick and well… okay – LAZY. πŸ˜›

These were awfully girly anyway… that’s what you get with handmedown fleece, lol.

So I realized – as I was diapering him up into his LAST disposable diaper tonight – that since the Mediums hadn’t worked but were on time, I was officially behind schedule. So tonight, I whipped this one up:

Definitely more boyish, a nice plush army green compared to sea foam teal, LOL. I also did a double layer doubler to slip into his prefold for extra absorbency. I’m happy with how the second one came out. Scared to death as I have NO time to make another tomorrow and if this doesn’t fit, I’ll cry, LOL. But I keep reminding myself that the DIAPER will have to fit inside too. It’s weird going from diaper to panties and then back again. Granted, he’s never been in panties over night, just through naps, but PJs stretch more than clothes so it’s harder to notice. Plus disposables are trimmer.

We’ll see… hopefully I’ll get some photos and an update tomorrow before Preschool and the COSTUME PARADE. (Yes, in our house, those words are only said together and only if you can yell them at the top of your lungs as if you’re the mambo king and ready to roll. It has to be COSTUME PARADE. Otherwise, it’s just not right. Thank you, Olivia.)

More tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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