25 weeks and counting…

25 weeks and counting…

Here’s the shot.

Normally, because I have a little bit of time right now I would blog some more regarding the kids and Halloween, etc. But I’m on the smaller computer and I really do not want to have to transfer resized files, etc. to the other computer… so I’ll wait. But I do have a couple photos I can do now. Not too many unfortunately since it did get dark very quickly and I’ll pass on being the crazy mom with the BRIGHT flash. I do enough of that…

The first is of all the cousins that went together to the Trunk-or-Treat at Daniel and Klare’s ward. They had a good time and from what I could see, ALL got a lot of candy. So it was a success. On the way to the church, we walked, we hit a few houses. It was already getting very dark, as you can see, when I snapped this. Plus it began to sprinkle and I voted for putting the camera away.

I’ll post some shot of the kids in costume, close up, tomorrow.

Have a good night.

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