Good Morning SNOWshine. :)

Good Morning SNOWshine. :)

Well, we were warned, and it certainly happened…


Snow covered car!

We woke up to it this morning and surprisingly enough it wasn’t too bad. House had stayed fairly nice over night, kids woke up warm – we purposefully dressed in warm pjs and checked on their covers. Overall it was a “good” snow experience. Second of the season as it already snowed in October… we’re just hoping that as it gets closer to the time for our trip that it will hopefully be not so terrible for us to travel in.

Cameron left for work this morning around 6:40am, cleared the cars off before he even ate breakfast, and I took this photo around 7:00am – as you can see it was still coming down. It continued to get worse and worse and right before the sun finally peeled through the sky to reach us I took more photos at 8:43am.

Definitely thicker. Could have been worse, that’s for sure. Duncan of course has been bouncing off the walls with excitement. Kind of like the little Hiawatha boy dancing on the front of my truck– oh, that just a window sticker. (Did you ever read that book as a child? Hiawatha the Brave or something like that? Good stuff… little violent when you get that realization and read it again as an adult… but as a kid, I was way into it.)

And of course, we turned on the TV, making our way to KBYU the kids saw that Curious George (Duncan’s favorite) ALSO woke up to snow and we of course had to watch it.

I swear; my child was a monkey in a prior life.

Ooh… that’s cute. And would make some REALLY cute pjs…

Oh my holy bananas, how COOL is that cake? I think I just found Duncan’s theme for his birthday next year… that is so stinkin’ cool.

This is why Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to use google image search. Plain and simple.

Now that I’m completely off topic, I will end this post. More to come (with photos!).

3 thoughts on “Good Morning SNOWshine. :)

  1. Gotta love all that snow! My poor sister who moved up from Arizona got to experience her first “living in snow” adventure. LOL! It was so funny 🙂

  2. oh wow…such pretty snow! I would love just a LITTLE of the stuff…not quite that much! Girl, are the bananas icing??? That’s a sure fire energizer for the little ones!

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