26 weeks and counting…

26 weeks and counting…

Sheesh, while banana popsicles make me happy, my smooshed hair in this 26 weeks pregnant photo most certainly does not.

So excuse it.

Next week on the 18th I have my Glucola test, not looking forward to it. And I’m sure that Cam probably isn’t either as at my Midwife’s office they do it IN OFFICE. So I get to go, drink the yucky-ness, sit for an hour, then get tested, and THEN go home. It will be a long day, that’s all I can say. On the bright side, I won’t have the kids with me. So really I don’t think I’ll mind as much. I’ll probably bring a book and read during the time. Cam, hopefully, will find something to bring or do because, frankly, the Yoga for Preganancy and Parents magazines can only hold a man’s attention for so long… they need to start bring in Auto Trader or something when they stop to get their morning coffee. That would give at least a portion of the men SOMETHING to read.

The kids are soundly asleep, I’m getting ready to continue on my online class, and my toes are SO COLD. I wasn’t kidding about that perpetual coldness thing. It’s all for real. That’s just how I get in the winter, whether the building I’m in is 85 degrees or 65 degrees – parts of me are STILL cold. 😛

Off to do more that a Mom can only do with sleeping children…

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