Tagging from The Couch Diva

Tagging from The Couch Diva

Meridith, a woman on a scrapbooking forum that I frequent, tagged! Here are my responses… 🙂

Five Things That Make Me Happy:
1. My husband, Cameron.
2. My babies (we’ll talk generally, skipping moments like yesterday LOL), Liv, Duncan, and Baby Rachael.
3. Photography, I love to to take pictures. Allows me to preserve some of the good and a little of the crazy in my daily life.
4. BLOGGING! It’s officially become the most successful way for me to keep up on my journaling.
5. Soft fluffy cloth dipes… especially my lovely new prefolds from LittleLions… it’s like a clean slate with room to work! (Which ties into another thing that makes me happy – successful sewing projects. Emphasis on the word “successful”, lol.)

Seven Facts About Me:
1. I’m 22 years old, but I think a bit ahead of my age as far as lack-of-debt level, child count, and responsibilities go… all things I’m proud of. 🙂
2. I actually do want ANOTHER child. Yes, I’m one of those women, the one’s born to stay barefoot in the winter, pregnant in the summer. (Okay, only for one more after this one, but still.)
3. I’m the oldest of 5. Which until I moved to Utah, used to beat out a lot of kids’ families back in school in Oregon. Then I married my husband, who is the third youngest of *8*.
4. I love the Beatles. I was introduced to them in the 8th grade and haven’t swayed since. I know probably ANY Beatles song ever sung, a load of trivial Beatlemania knowledge (though I am getting rusty) and used to write letters to my friends over the summer -signing them “Melissa McCartney“. Ahh, the dreamer days, LOL.
5. I secretly help my son pick VeggieTales DVDs at the library in accordance to the one’s I think might be funny and haven’t seen yet. And then I watch them with him, lol.
6. I have serious hair issues. I have VERY thick, naturally curly hair. I can’t get it cut by just anyone, I won’t color it anymore because I now live 800 miles away from the person who used to do it, and the last time I set foot into a Supercuts was almost 8 years ago and she BUTCHERED my hair. I have not set foot in one since. (Please don’t be offended if you work for one, like one, etc. I’m aware my bias is based off of one IDIOT who HONESTLY, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WERE DOING? Phew… pardon me, had to get that out.) I wasn’t kidding. Huge hair issues.
7. I LOVE to sing, read, scrapbook, take photos, blog, fold laundry (not put it away), and vaccuum. Not your typical gal here. 🙂

Thanks Meridith! This was fun! 🙂

I tag… AMY! (If you’re already doing it for Meridith, that’s okay, lol.) Aaaand… Lindsay! And… hey, tag yourself! Have fun. 😉

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