29 weeks and 1 day yesterday.

29 weeks and 1 day yesterday.

I missed 28 weeks, I missed 29 weeks but caught it last night at 29 weeks and 1 day. Of course, I also missed my brain and didn’t take nearly as many photos on my vacation as I should have. So until I hear back from some family (respond to my email family!) I’m holding off on the Oregon post for today, possibly tonight I can post it if I don’t find any good ones from before the date of the next batch I have. I really should have put my wonderful camera to more use but I was too busy being told to sit down and not move, lol.

Here’s my preggo shot:

Definitely getting bigger. Is it just me or does my butt look flat in this photo? Not to mention my delightfully nerdy BRIGHT WHITE socks. Wow, lame, Melissa. I should paint my toenails (assuming I can hold my breath from shoving my body into that bent over position for that long) so that I’ll be moved to take my socks off and look more like me instead of a weirdo in WHITE socks all the time.

Well hey, at least they weren’t piggy or bright pink with peace signs.

Not that I have socks like that…

Noooo… of course not.

I’ll fill in the three side categories today and wait until tonight to post my photos from Grammy’s House and the Car Cake. šŸ™‚ More later.

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