Our Trip // November 24-25: Piano Keys and Curlers

Our Trip // November 24-25: Piano Keys and Curlers

On Monday the 24th we did a lot of catching up, playing, the kids got to see new toys at Grammy’s, new clothes Grammy had made, sneak more candy from Pa’s stash, the list was endless. With lots of repeats of sneaking candy. 🙂

That morning the kids discovered the piano again and I took photos:

They had a lot of fun at Grammy’s with that piano and Livy even learned to play “Thumbs On Vacation”, tiny hands and all. 🙂 Don’t worry Liv, Mommy still has to jump her octaves, no stretching here. 🙂

The next day, Tuesday, we stayed home again and Grammy showed Olivia the idea she had for decorating cookies. I think that was a lounge day for Duncan, he was obsessed with the copy of Disney’s Hercules that Pa had out by the VCR in their family room. The child was stuck to it and loved to try and say his name, it was very entertaining.

Duncan entranced.

“Oh, hi Mom. Me watch Erk-a-leez.”

Snowman (and woman) COOKIES!

Olivia and Grandma had such a fun time making these. They got out just about anything they could think of to create the snow people. Even black licorice (yuck!) which Olivia and Duncan both seem to love. Gma is immensely happy that this (obviously defective, lol) trait has passed down to her great grandchildren.

Olivia, in her new Grammy-made apron, carefully constructing another one.

This one cracks me up, Unibrow Snowman, haha. 🙂

Like the annoyed smirk? I think I was bothering her with my
acute interest in her eye-popping, unibrow-ed snowman. 🙂

Olivia’s other favorite hobby at Gma’s house was hanging around the kitchen waiting for Grammy to finish cooking or baking something. Once she did, Olivia was deemed the person to run around with little bits for everyone to taste. It began with Grammy telling her to go ask people, “Are you a quality control person?” She’d ask, the person would say yes and eat thier little bite, and give feedback. Olivia always refused to announce the feedback to the chef, she was having too much fun asking!

By the second day of this game Olivia had developed it not only into the QC game, but the “Samples” game. Perhaps you would understand why if you went grocery shopping with us on Saturdays back home. First up is “The Sample Store” (Sam’s Club), then “The Cookie Store” (Macey’s), and then “The Market pause canwelookforsamplesandgetsuckers?” (Ream’s Marketplace).

All in all, it was a great time and we all miss it already. 🙂

More tomorrow!

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