A lame post indeed.

A lame post indeed.

It seems as though the closer the holidays get (have they arrived already?) the more hectic things become. Especially since regardless of the more and more things we have piled upon our minds to begin, finish, or do SOMETHING with – I’m still being told more and more, day by day, to “take it easy”. Normally that’d be a dream. Except that the dream part of it includes a not pregnant clone of myself who proceeds to pick everything up where I’ve been forced to leave it and continue and finish all of it allowing me to both “take it easy” and keep my sanity. That hasn’t happened yet… perhaps Santa will bring me a clone for Christmas?

We’ve been managing and just yesterday I realized, WOW, I haven’t done newsletters. AGAIN. So I will add that to the invisible list that I really need to make visible so I can look forward to having SOMETHING to do during the day that I need to get done that is at least an “easier” item. Sitting on an office chair is actually much more beneficial to my contraction count and level than say… vacuuming with my vacuum that causes me to go into labor just by fighting with it’s resistance on my carpet. I love vacuuming, in all honesty I REALLY DO, it’s something I miss.

Regardless – between Olivia’s computer being down, my laundry going up, and the HORRIBLE countdown of anxiety beginning (I’m 31 weeks tomorrow… people – we’re out of the double digits – down to 9 weeks left! This is horrendously frightening and excruciatingly exciting, all at once!) I’ve had some kids who I think may be feeding off of my antsy-ness. Did I mention Liv’s computer is down? Believe me, that little bite of paradise that I get when she plays next to me on hers on her days that include computer time… heaven.

I’ll post more tomorrow and hopefully get my butt back in gear. Ahem — bottom. Liv’s standing here begging for food like she hasn’t seen any in weeks (at 2:18pm, of course, AFTER she’s finished lunch, lol) so I can’t say butt. With her ever increasing brain capacity, I avoid typing it. I mean come on, the child might read it and scold me.

Oh wow. Kids.

Wish us luck. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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