Our Trip // November 27: Lincoln City

Our Trip // November 27: Lincoln City

Wednesday night, the 26th, I was able to attend a Baby “Sprinkle” thrown by Jaimie & Mandy for me! It was so much fun to see everyone again and to just sit and talk together. 🙂 I had a fantastic time. Thanks again ladies! I wish I would have brought my camera… grr…

Thursday morning we headed out to Lincoln City and began our second leg of the trip. Dad rented a beach house for everyone again, the same one we had had two years previous at Thanksgiving, and we had a blast.

Grandma Sherry had Cameron help her, Tanya, and Tessa open a can of cheese. Can meaning BARREL of cheese, like Costco size, LOL. My pregnant self stood back, I’ve never been one for liquefied cheese and while pregnant I tend to take two steps further away. My son on the other hand (of course) fell in love with it. Here are some shots from Grandma Sherry of my children gobbling it up. 🙂

Photos by Grandma Sherry
And yes, surprise surprise, D loved the spicy cheese.

We then headed out to the beach on our own a little later. It was drizzling (Oregon Coast, mind you, not California) and we got half a million good shots of the ocean and surrounding beach.

It was absolutely beautiful. Being able to take a trip to Oregon and see both my trees and my ocean was wonderful. I’m so glad Dad was able to get the house for Thanksgiving and that we could all be there to spend time together.

Back at the beach house the children were being lovely. Cam took these shots of the fighting duo.

Ahh, peaceful.

More tomorrow!

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