Our first visit to Santa!

Our first visit to Santa!

This is from our Ward Christmas Party we had on the 10th of this month – the kids had a lot of fun, Duncan LOVED the food – of course. All in all we had a great time. Here are the photos.

Livy, Daddy, and Dunky (eating).

Duncan, eating still.

Uhm. Still eating.
(This was Duncan’s basic activity level for the first hour or so of the Party.)

Sitting on Santa’s lap!

Liv telling Santa what she wants for Christmas.

(“I want a doll house with a Christmas tree, and little presents for my dolls, but I would just have to open them because the dolls are just pretend and they can’t open them. And Princess stuff.“)

Duncan was a little shy with Santa, I reminded him about Cars and Woody and he told Santa and hurriedly ran to Daddy on the other side. 🙂 It was a fun party nonetheless and the kids got to see Santa after waiting for quite a while.

Christmas is coming… only 5 days until Christmas Eve!

2 thoughts on “Our first visit to Santa!

  1. awww, they are so adorable girl! Just popping in to check on ya…see how things are going for ya! Happy Holidays, hope all is well for you and the family! take care

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