Our Trip // November 28: Down At The Beach

Our Trip // November 28: Down At The Beach

On the 28th, Liv woke up and hopped into bed with Gma Cole. πŸ™‚ Grandma Sherry caught it on her camera – along with, of course, Liv’s retelling of her dream! Bahaha, ohhh Liv and her dreams…

Photos and captions by Grandma Sherry. (Thanks!)

This child has the most vivid dreams and nightmares, it absolutely cracks me up. Just like the black toilets… oh wow – imagine how excited she was to go potty at the stop in Idaho on the way home. The toilet seat was BLACK. I thought she was going to ask for a DIAPER by the look on her face.

As far as the “burned up train”, ever since her preschool took her to the Sandy Fire Department and showed all the kids the items that had been burnt and caused fires, she’s become very… NERVOUS about everything.

“Mom, don’t leave that pan on the stove.”
“Mom is our iron plugged out?”
“Mom did you put the toaster away?”
“Mom, I can’t get my dishes, the fire station says I need to stay three feet away from the stove.”

Yeah… my kitchen isn’t even 3 feet WIDE.

It’s been fun.

Later that day we headed down to the beach, again. πŸ™‚

Liv & Maddie playing on the beach.

Finally getting her hands dirty.

Duncan and his (not seen) plastic spoon, taking samples of sand. πŸ™‚

The tide was crazy and we were seated back by the rocks, but of course it ended up coming and washing over Liv’s “castle” she made. She, Miss Drama Queen, was upset but we explained that just how it works when you’re on the beach. “That’s just life,” as Olivia likes to say.

Duncan was very interested by the tide. He knew he didn’t want to get wet, but when they were close to the water and the tide started zooming towards him, he’d just stand there. Maddie kept grabbing him and Liv and running from the tide.

Finally, he started to understand. I caught him standing behind us by the rocks saying, “Yes me safe by the rocks!”

Livy exploring.

Eventually the non-handicapped persons in our family, aka the one’s that aren’t pregnant and can walk more than five feet without bring on contractions, went on a walk. Click on this photo to see it full size and you’ll have a wonderful shot of my son pulling up his pants. This is a common practice, not just daily, but basically every few minutes. ENJOY.

After the kiddos left. Enjoying the silence.

SEE THE HELICOPTER? Yeah, Cam was excited over the Helicopter. We definitely needed a telephoto lens for this shot, lol.

Mmm, yummy. Blech.

Duncan concentrating.

Such fun on the beach. πŸ™‚

More Tomorrow!

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