Our Trip // November 29: Our Last Day

Our Trip // November 29: Our Last Day

Saturday was our last day in Lincoln City with Dad and Tanya and the rest of the family. We had so much fun being in Oregon and adding the beach to it was even better. 🙂 Not to mention the killer good turkey Tanya made for us for Thanksgiving on Thursday! Way to go Stom! 😉

That morning Dad made breakfast. I think he felt guilty for all the cereal eating going on. But we didn’t mind, and breakfast was fantastic. 🙂 Thanks, Dad!

The kids playing with the Aunties.

The normal gathering around the table for a Cole Card game.
(One of the two photos of me the whole trip.)

Grandma Cole brought a Gingerbread House Kit with her and we got to put it together. Here are some photos. 🙂

Yeah. So we’re kind of anal when it comes to “fun holiday activities”. We took over, lol.
(Oh WOW, the 2nd photo of me.)

All above photos and captions, directly on photos, done by Sherry! Thanks!
The kids “helping” with house decorating. (Note the full cheeks.)

Daddy’s got the walls and roof up!

Look how far a little construction experience can get you! 😉

More icing.

The kids ready to help decorate with Gma Tanya. 🙂

Sweet boy doing some roof detail.

All the cups of candy! The kids were in heaven, lol.

Almost done!

We’re done! Duncan offered Papa’s plastic trains from
one of his dominoes games. How generous of him. 😀

Then, of course, they begin the destroying process.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. 🙂 And best of all – I didn’t have to feel guilty about not buying and doing a house of our own! Wahoo! Thanks Gma Cole!

I would end by saying “More tomorrow!” but that’s all my photos! I hope you’ve enjoyed trekking through our Portland visit in photos and that those of you who were in them enjoyed having us visit and share our Thanksgiving vacation with you. 🙂

More… next year? 🙂

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