Christmas Morning [part 1]

Christmas Morning [part 1]

Here they are… there are a LOT. 🙂

Waking up to see Santa Presents and inspecting the leftover cookie crumbs and milk.

Duncan’s present from Santa: Don’t Wake Hulk
(same idea as Don’t Wake Daddy)

Olivia’s Santa present: Cinderella’s Enchanted Slipper Game
(VERY princess…)

Wall stickers for the both of them, Liv’s: Princess, Dunk’s: Cars.

Daddy’s first gift
(note the strategic box and then paper placement to avoid being photographed?)
JIGSAW, woo hoo. 🙂

Mommy opening “The Lord of the Rings”. Yay!

Duncan’s gift from Aunt Laura!
He LOVES this blanket, nice and soft
– it even matches their bed linens, way to go!
Thanks Aunt Laura. 🙂

Olivia’s gift from Aunt Laura
– she calls it her “Mermaid Blanket” because
“it looks like flowers underwater”.
Thanks Aunt Laura! 🙂

Cameron and his Woodcraft gift from Dad
Thanks Dad!

Olivia’s present from Gma Cole, a matching puzzle!
She’s getting very good at matching the words with the pictures.
Loves it, thanks Gma!

Duncan and his not-yet-unwrapped Lincoln Logs Set from Mommy and Daddy. 🙂

Daddy’s new tool set… not sure what it’s even called… but I did buy it and he liked it, LOL. 🙂
Works, right?

Duncan’s Cars book from Gma Bonnie and Gpa Bill!
Thank you!

Another post-preggo shirt from Aero, yay!

CANDYLAND! I was so excited to get this, I could hardly stand it. This was a gift I definitely didn’t see coming because Cam can’t stand the game, LOL. I’m so glad we can add it to our collection though. 🙂

DVDs for the kids, Monsters Inc. for D, and The Little Mermaid for Liv.

Liv’s gift from Papa – GYRO WHEEL!
She’s a pro now, you should see her. That is when Daddy or Duncan haven’t swiped it for themselves, lol. 🙂

Duncan got Gumby and Pokey from Papa! He loves them, Thanks Papa!

The Elf going under the tree for more presents.

Yay, Coluzzle Alphabet!

Gma made Patriotic gifts this year in honor of my cousin’s husband, Sam.
Ours is great! Thanks Gma!

More presents for Mommy from Daddy.
(He kept having the kids bring them in groups, lol.)

Duncan opening his puzzle from Gma Cole, like Livy’s but opposites to match instead! 🙂

Olivia’s ribbiting frog from Gma Bonnie & Gpa Bill, thanks! 🙂

Another DVD for Duncan, Jungle Book!

Olivia’s Princess Book from Gma Bonnie & Gpa Bill! Thanks! 🙂

More tomorrow!

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