And… we’re back!

And… we’re back!

So, while the website is not completely done, I am VERY pleased with the direction it’s heading. So, I figured, I’ll keep up with my own schedule of posting every week day – at least – and post my Tuesday maternity photo.

Although I will miss the shining spot of Olivia’s meltdown photo at the top of my new blog.

Here we are at 36 weeks:


Little smaller than normal, I think – photo wise, definitely not belly wise, but like I said I’m still working out all the kinks.

On other baby related news, my due date has apparently been switched back to February 16th, but I’m not worried over it. We’ll see when she appears. Our first ultrasound told us we were a day off, and that she was due the 17th. When we had the second one they pushed us back to the 16th – both movements apparently didn’t matter as they generally don’t move duedates at all unless the change is closer to two weeks. Regardless – I’m now (and I guess have always been) due the 16th of February. So BEFORE we all make the transition to DTV that’s now not going to happen on the 17th, I will be having my little one!

On other BLOGrelated news – I have officially imported all the blogs from Blogspot to the new place here at WordPress and they did a fantastic job getting them here. Like I said before, I am very pleased with WordPress so far. So, feel free to peruse the archives as they should hold exactly what they held before on Blogspot, including photos and comments! Woot!

Enjoy your evenings. πŸ˜€

One thought on “And… we’re back!

  1. You’re looking as fantastic as ever!! And I must say that your humor is so refreshing — Liv getting stuck and then needing to go potty about made me have to go potty b/c I was laughing so hard.

    What’s not refreshing is the air outside. Try not to breathe too much πŸ™‚

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